Why Surgical Facelifts Have Lost Popularity

surgical faceliftFormally the “it girl” of plastic surgery, facelifts used to be the hottest anti aging treatment. So, what happened? How did the queen of all surgeries become dethroned? It turns out, the tightly pulled-back-face look is no longer in vogue. Now, women are opting for volume instead, realizing that plump features appear more naturally youthful. With this change in preference, women have shifted toward fillers and fat grafting as their procedures of choice. Clearly, pinchable cheeks and full lips is where it’s at.

If you’re not yet convinced, let’s take a closer glance at the differences between fillers and facelifts to help you decide which option is best for you.

Facelifts: pros vs. cons


The Lovely Pros

  1. High level of effectiveness – The procedure reduces sagginess in the chin, jowl and neck area. Overall, it effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles, while tightening the face as well. This helps you look 10-15 years younger, giving you a more energetic and refreshed appearance.
  1. Combine well with other procedures – A facelift works well in conjunction with other anti aging surgeries such as a brow lift or blepharoplasty (eye surgery). The combination of these procedures creates a more all-around youthful look.
  1. Lasting results compared to dermal fillers– Unlike fillers, which only last between 6 months to 2 years, facelifts give you long-term results over a longer life span. The results from facelifts are also much more dramatic and noticeable, compared to non-invasive fillers.
  1. Younger Facial Appearance Overall– Not only is a facelift one of the most effective anti aging treatments out there, it will also make your features look more attractive. By tightening certain areas of the face, other facial features may appear more harmonized and balanced.

Possible Cons- Things that can go wrong…

  1. Bad direction of pull – When the facelift is directed very high at the side of the face, the skin can seem awkwardly tugged back. This may result in an unnatural change in direction of the skin, creating an obviously “done” look.
  1. Aggressive browlifts– When the brows are lifted too aggressively, it raises the hairline, causing a high forehead. In these cases, you can end up with a permanently surprised expression. An experienced surgeon will know how to avoid this result.
  1. Non-artistic work – You know that abnormal look when you see it: cat eyes, wide lips and an eerie expression. Make sure you do your research and find a doctor with an artistic hand and eye.

The Rise of Fillers

With minimal pain and downtime, it’s no surprise that fillers and microneedling services have replaced facelifts in popularity. Scared off by the risk looking overly pulled and artificial, women feel safer in the hands of fillers, which are reversible and tend to look subtler.

You can instantly smooth out wrinkles and restore the facial fullness you had a decade ago. For the upper face, volume can be added to the cheeks and under-eye area for a refreshed and lifted result. For the lower face, women tend to focus on filling their nasolabial folds, marionette lines and jawline. By plumping up the hollow areas around the mouth, and strengthening the contours of the jawline, you can appear beautifully rejuvenated in minutes.

To maximize results, women will use a quality anti wrinkle cream. Soaring in popularity is the 3 Minute Facelift Serum as featured on the Rachael Ray show. The formula works by shifting the skin cells closer together, allowing your skin texture to become firmer and smoother.

Fat Grafting

Since fillers have a relatively short lifespan, fat grafting is a more permanent solution with similar results. The process involves using a patient’s own fat, taken from areas such as the buttocks or hips, and transferring it to help restore the facial volume and youthfulness. It’s currently one of the most powerful means of ‘turning back the clock.’

The effects are quite natural as it restores the fuller-faced look you had when you were younger. As we age, we start to lose the fat that makes our faces cute and plump. A fat transfer can address this problem by filling out cheeks and other spots on the face to recapture youth.

As you can see, there are many options available to rewind the time on our faces. Consult with your doctor about your personal goals to find an anti aging treatment that works for you.