Why Is It Necessary to Wear Shoe Inserts for Heel Pain?

Nowadays heel pain has become the one of the most common health issues. Many are suffering from this pain and almost all of them fall under the 40-70 years age group. Moreover, they tend to neglect the pain thinking it is because of their age or regular movements. However, overlooking that does not help with the problem. It actually makes the situation worse. The foot is one the most important body parts as it takes all our body weight throughout our life. So, taking care of our feet is highly needed which we neglect most of the time.

If you are also suffering from the same or if the pain persists you should immediately visit a doctor. In fact, you may try wearing shoe inserts for heel pain There are so many shoe inserts that can help you overcome the pain and provide you with the relief, if used properly.

Causes Of Heel Pain

It is not necessary that heel pain will always occur due to the age factor. However, the possibilities become high if your age is between 40 – 70. Although there can be many other reasons behind the pain, some of them are discussed below.


Obesity or overweight makes the chances of heel pain high. It is one of the most common reasons. Accordingly, It is very important to maintain a balanced weight to keep your body healthy and active. More weight tends to more health issues. Moreover, putting on extra weight means extra pressure on your foot as it carries your whole body weight. And more strain will only cause more problems to your foot. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is a must.

High Foot Arches

No matter how hard we try, some factors will always be beyond our control. For example, if your foot structure has high arches, the pressure of your body will be more on your heels. And suffering from heel pain will become unavoidable.  In such cases, the best you could do to your feet is using the shoe inserts for heel pain. You deserve the support and comfort it provides you with. It will help your heel relax by reducing the pain. The best part is you don’t need any doctor’s prescription to buy these.

More Running and Walking

If you do a lot of physical work and high-intensity workouts you are more likely to get heel pain. So, to protect yourself from any damage you should use shoe inserts for heel pain.

Advantages Of Shoe Inserts for Heel Pain

Shoe inserts have become the most commonly used method to avoid or reduce foot pain these days. And it hardly has any side effects If you choose good quality shoe inserts for heel pain. There are so many reasons why we should opt for these inserts. Let us discuss some of them.

Reduces pain

The most basic thing you can do to reduce your heel pain is using shoe inserts. And you probably don’t have to rush to the doctor every now and then. Additionally, it is not like a painkiller. Only regular use of these inserts can help reduce your pain eventually. There is no hard and fast rule for this.

Normalize Foot Function

Heel pain can affect the basic functions of your foot. Even normal walking can become difficult. In such cases, shoe inserts for heel pain provide support to your foot and help your foot to normalize its function.


You don’t have to spend a lot to reduce the pain. There is a lot of shoe inserts for heel pain available at a cheap price in the market. Additionally, this will help you avoid any surgery (unless there is an extreme case) or expensive medication.


Your feet are no less important than other body parts. And we often neglect it which in turn cost us dear. We take the least care of it, yet it takes the most pressure. Therefore, ignoring a minor problem can become worse with time. So, we recommend you not to ignore any issues even the small ones. You can always opt for the shoe insert while in pain using it as a precaution will be highly beneficial. We must not forget that prevention is better than cure.