What to Look for in an Anti-Wrinkle Cream


Every year, there’s some new “revolutionary” product, bringing grand promises, guarantees and all the magic of Christmas. It always has some kind of buzz ingredient that makes it ground-breaking and we’re all supposed to bend down to its all mighty power. No matter what kind of media hype is bombarding your TV and Facebook page, the best anti-wrinkle creams are not some special secret held by celebrities and supermodels. The top remedies are simple and can be found with these 5 key ingredients.

  1. B Vitamins

B vitamins appear in many forms and complexes in skin care products. It’s responsible for converting food into energy and fueling the body’s vital processes — including the development of healthy, firm skin. You can get your B vitamins from consuming more fruits such as bananas and berries—but wait, don’t go smearing them over your face just yet…

In addition to a beautifying snack, they’re also common ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams. When B vitamins are a strong component of your skin care regimen, your skin quality will noticeably improve. Your complexion will get brighter, your skin will become smoother and any damaged cells will heal more quickly.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

The word “acid” may turn you off, but this ingredient is actually your best friend—one that you’ll love forever and ever! Hyaluronic acid is already a natural element of your skin, present throughout your entire body. Its special trick is its ability to hold moisture—in fact, one gram hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to six liters of water! It’s like your own built-in camel, travelling with you at all times, helping your skin stay fresh and hydrated. This is definitely an ingredient you’ll want in your anti-wrinkle cream!

  1. Antioxidants

Without a doubt, antioxidants are one of the most powerful anti-aging treatments. When applied topically, it protects your skin from free radicals, which gives you a younger look.

Antioxidants include different forms of vitamins A, C, and E. These nutrients can show up in your anti-wrinkle creams as green tea, grape seed extract or pomegranate extract, among tons of others. Basically, the more of these wrinkle-fighting heroes included in your skincare products, the better!

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be an obvious must-have when it comes to anti-aging treatments, but for some reason it often gets overlooked. Did you know that 75% of aging is caused by unprotected sun exposure? So, no matter how much fancy junk you gloop onto your face, you’re still risking skin damage if you don’t use a proper SPF.

To ensure you’re getting sufficient sun protection, your anti-wrinkle cream or sun lotion should contain any of these active ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, ecamsule, or Tinosorb. As another tip, look for products with SPF 30 or greater, and don’t be afraid to layer makeup on top— then you’ll be ready to have your faceoff with the sun. Who’s shining bright now?!!

  1. Copper

You’re probably thinking of coins, but the copper that’s good for you can be found in your skin cells. Its job is to help bind proteins together and form collagen, the famous anti-aging ingredient that prevents sagging and fills in wrinkles.

Clinical studies have revealed that copper contributes to the renewal of injured collagen, making it an excellent element for those who wish to reverse the effects of sun-damaged skin or scars. If you’re curious about this ingredient, talk to your dermatologist and see how you can use copper to upgrade your personal skin care system.

When you’re more knowledgeable about skincare ingredients, you can make educated decisions about how you choose your anti-wrinkle cream. So, the next time Dr.Oz is going on about some new, rare breakthrough, derived from the hilltops of Kalamazoo or wherever, it doesn’t matter because you know better.