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Hi, my name is Ross Stansfield. I am the manager of Erase Cosmetics.

Over the last 6 years we have been selling our Erase 3 minute facelift flagship product and have added 3 other products as we have become more established.

Recently we have been running a survey to enable us to determine what you are really looking for in age care products.

An overwhelming 98% of you told us you prefer natural skin products. We have taken that on board. The trick is to find a set of natural ingredients that will produce the same instant gratification, (not an easy task).

I have however, been searching for high quality natural ingredients and have sourced several that we are having developed under our brand. These originate in Switzerland. France, Germany and Australia, and will be added to the existing range from our USA manufacturers.

We are currently trialling these products and are very encouraged by the results.

This blog is not just about us. In it we will gather articles from the industry on trends, new products and innovations not only with anti-aging but with skin products and skin care in general. We will discuss various cosmetic ingredients and procedures to give you unbiased facts to allow you to make your own choices and offer opinions also.

We also value your contributions and comments. If you have anything you would like us to find out about for you please ask and we will do our best to research your question for you.



5 thoughts on “Welcome to Erase Cosmetics Blog!

  1. DD says:

    I’m from Arizona & deep wrinkles are a part of enjoying the sun out here. Murial’s skin bounced back many years! I’d love to see her totally completed look! My skin is changing very fast in my 60’s but I’m too poor for a lift. One day I would love to try this remarkable product. You are beautiful w/wrinkles too Murial! It’s just nice to know that we have options now days to give us a few years back since we don’t feel old inside!

  2. Carla Smith says:

    Hi….I just watched your video on Instant Facelife Serum and was duly impressed. However, I have tried many, many skin products with like success. I have lip lines and smile lines that are very annoying. I am in my 60’s and have very little wrinkles on eye and forehead area. I would like to try your Instant Face Lift Serum but would like to sample it first……do you provide samples? Thanks. Very interested in product,,,,,

  3. Anette Just says:

    I have used Instant Facelift Serum for about 3 weeks now – and I have allready ordered 4 more bottles – simply love this product.
    I have never tried any other serum, that works – but this does.

  4. Sandy says:

    I just received your Instant Face-Lift Cream and truly think it is amazing! How refreshing to finally buy a product that delivers instant results. However, it seems difficult to apply makeup over the Face-Lift Cream. Mineral base makeup is not for everyone and powder base makeup is not advised for older skin. Can you share information, directions and tips on your blog on how to apply natural looking makeup over the face-Lift cream? Your advice will encourage Face-Lift Cream userrs!


    • kylegaze says:

      Hi Sandy,

      We are glad that you like our erase 3 minute face-lift, We are currently developing new pre-erase serum that will release very soon. This new product will enable any makeup to be applied over the 3 minute face lift and also it will take care of the white residue. we are excited about the launch of this serum which will in the future be included with the 3 minute Instant Face lift Product.

      You can visit our website https://www.erasecosmetics.com/ for more information.
      also like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/erasecosmetics we will keep you updated with this new product.

      Thank you

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