Un-Edited Customer Testimonials

Un-Edited Customer Testimonials. 

Un-Edited Customer Testimonials are submitted by our customers and are presented as written.
Our customers send their experiences and reaction to our products. Negative comments remain there for you as well.
Of course not everyone loves our products but most do.
There is a common thread in the type of negative comments we receive.

My Skin Feels Tight.

People often complain that their skin feels tight after the serum is applied.

I understand the feeling may be uncomfortable but it is simply the skin returning to being tight as it was 10 years ago.

That is the desired effect.

Our skin being tight again is not the feeling we have become accustomed to.

We are comfortable in our skin as they say and change feels strange.

Un-Edited Customer Testimonials are valuable information for us, so we encourage you to submit them.

I seem to get a white residue on my face.

White residue also is a common complaint. Unfortunately there is not a lot we can do about that from a formulating point of view. The effective ingredient is in powdered form and is in suspension in the serum.

As the serum dries the white powder can become evident on the skin.

However the powder is a very effective ingredient and only a small amount is required for it to produce the desired results.

That is why we stress that the less you can apply the better the results.

The residue may be more evident with some skin types or tones.

Tips from our regulars and our un-edited customer testimonials.

Our regulars have discovered ways to solve this and some of their methods are shown in our instruction video.

You can view it here.

The effective results may vary with skin type but generally if you prepare your skin and make sure it is clean and free of oil and makeup you will get good results.

It is also important not to use any oil based makeup after you have applied the facelift serum.

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