Tips to Look Instantly Better in Pictures

As a camera-shy woman once said, “If I got a pair of Louboutins for every horrible picture I’ve taken, I would win the Guinness World Record for the most expensive shoe collection.”

If you can relate to this debacle, you’ll understand the frustrations underlying every woman’s battle with cameras. How many unflattering pictures do you keep shamefully locked away and hidden forever? It’s normal to hide more pictures than you show, because let’s be honest, nobody’s getting it right the first time, no matter if you’ve practiced 1000 times or if you’re Kate Moss—doesn’t matter. So, if you want to banish the chances of facing those horrid double-chins and awkward angles for good, follow these tips to look instantly better in pictures.

For Planned Photos

Make sure to lightly apply concealer. A face mask of foundation will make you appear ghostly and flat in photos. For a more natural look, use concealer only to hide imperfections such as eye circles or redness.

You can also use concealer strategically to help erase areas of dark shadow. These spots are the places where your skin has lost volume, leaving creases and folds. You’ve probably noticed them lurking beneath your cheeks or sprouting from the corners of your mouth.

Dab concealer over these areas, massaging the product thoroughly until it melts into your skin. This trick gives the illusion of lift, mimicking the look of a facelift. Yet, if you’re craving results that are more vivid, you can always try the 3-Minute Instant Facelift Serum which reduces sagging in a flash. You’ll be picture-perfect in minutes.

pictureWork your Best Angles

Most women have a “good” side. This isn’t an old wives’ tale— chances are, one side really is better! Have you ever tried experimenting with this theory? Next time you’re in front of the bathroom mirror, hold a compact mirror outward by an arm’s length and angle your face so that you may see your profile reflected in the compact mirror. Your better side is the one with more upturned features such as the corners of your eyes and lips…now, if only people could just see you from this side.

Watch out for Double Chin!

The wrong chin angle can make you look awkward and bloated in pictures. When you pose, make sure to elongate your neck and push forward your forehead and chin—think swan. It may feel weird, but this position helps slim out your jawline, giving your face a more angular, lifted effect.

Position Your Body

For full-body shots, never face the camera directly. It’s the least flattering stance because it emphasizes the widest parts of the body in the photo. Instead, use the classic red carpet pose: Turn your body slightly to the side with one leg stepping toward the front to slim out your bod. Not only will you seem thinner, but this stance also evokes a sense of power and confidence.

It’s time you stopped shying away from the camera. By using these expert techniques, you’ll cure your photo phobia, preparing you to be poised and ready to take on any snapshot like a pro. Just don’t forget to smile!