The New Liquid Facelift


A liquid facelift is not as lovely as it sounds. The term is most often associated with injections, or fillers, none of which seem enjoyable (or 100% safe). But we aren’t talking about putting anything inside your body, or cutting any part of your skin. We’re bringing you the new kind of liquid facelift – a non-surgical, facelift in a bottle.


We all want to stay young. It’s only natural to want to look and feel your best. However, what surgeons are today calling a “liquid facelift” may not leave you in tiptop shape. From allergic reactions, infections and undesired results – it seems silly not to seek out other options.

(Erase Cosmetics results)


Erase has discovered and created products that show unparalleled results. And although it’s not a magic potion – it can and will help you take better care of aging skin. Unlike liquid facelifts, Erase Cosmetics products do not come with a long list of warnings or healing time. Botox often causes paralysis of the face muscles, something our new liquid facelift won’t do.


The fillers injected into your face during a liquid facelift can cost thousands of dollars. And the results are temporary, making the process an inventible cycle of wear and tear on your face, not to mention your wallet.


(Just say “NO” to fillers)


The term liquid facelift is even considered misused by some in the industry, considering the effects wear off and there is no surgical “lift” involved. This makes our Instant Facelift Serum the only kind of liquid facelift we want, and the only kind of solution we would trust.


Aging is simply inventible, so better to embrace the changes that life throws at you – rather than attempt to out wit them. There are plenty of lifestyle changes you can make that will help reduce wrinkles, and plenty of options from Erase Cosmetics to help you avoid the dangers of liquid facelifts.
Injections and fillers are like smoke and mirrors for your skin. The magic wears off, and what was wrinkled before will wrinkle again. So stay true to yourself and check out the new liquid facelifts from Erase Cosmetics. Your face, body and soul will thank you.