The New Bisé Instant Mask by Erase Cosmetics


What makes it so powerful?

Erase Cosmetics is launching its latest product in its skincare range under the brand name Bise.

Bise Instant Mask is the first of the Erase products under its brand name Bise, (meaning kissed).

In anti-aging cosmetics, we strive to create products that have instant gratification. It is not always easy to produce a product that works effectively but Erase non-surgical Instant facelift serum certainly does work with the majority of clients.

Erase has been searching for a product to provide an almost instant moisturizing effect and with the new Bise Instant Mask believes it has found a product to achieve that goal.

Most moisturizers in the market, including Erase Regenerate Night cream, are formulated to provide mid to long term benefits. With Bise Instant Mask we have found a product that benefits the user in 20 minutes with “locked-in” moisturizing of the skin.

To do this Bise has had this product formulated using the most powerful natural ingredients exquisitely formulated for maximum benefit and effect.

The Key Ingredients:

Glycerin – Glycerin draws moisture to the skin keeping it hydrated soft and supple and alleviating dryness.


Aloe – Aloe Vera is renowned for its powerful moisturizing, soothing and protective benefits.


Shagbark Hickory – The extract from the shagbark hickory tree boosts the skins ability to retain moisture long term.

Algae – The extract from Algae conditions the skin and acts as a humectant to lock in vital moisture.


Coffee – Coffee extract contains a high concentration of caffeine to revitalize the skin. It also has an abundance of essential fatty acids plus vitamin E which is a skin moisturizer and is great for skin repair.


Noni Fruit – Noni contains over 165 beneficial compounds and is rich in antioxidants. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of noni in the treatment of skin and body issues.

Acai Berries anti oxident fruit loose on a white background ready to cut out.

Acai – Acai is common in Health shops. Renowned for its high levels of anthocyanins (antioxidants) it also contains high levels of vitamins A, C, and E.

How it works:

When Bise Instant Mask is applied to the skin it forms dew-like droplets that release intensive moisture into the skin. Glycerin and Shagbark Hickory and Algae lock in and encourage moisture retention respectively leaving the skin soft, hydrated and supple. Noni, Acai, Aloe, and Coffee provide essential vitamins and antioxidants to fight and repair skin damage.

You simply rub a thin layer onto the skin, leave it for 20 minutes, then wipe off to feel and see the difference to your skin’s appearance.

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