The Importance Of Proteins To Your Skin

The Importance of Proteins to your Skin.

The importance of Proteins to your skin is evident as they form the basic elements of life and provide a multitude of roles both in structure and function is our skin and different organs.

Let’s take a look at a diagram of our skin. Skincare concentrates on the Epidermis or the top visible layer.


We are all aware of the skin’s main structural proteins, collagen, elastin and amino acids.

Proteins are also valuable for your complete body, not your skin. Check here.



Collagen is one of the most robust proteins in our body. Our skin contains over 75% Collagen and includes glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. Youthful skin is smooth, plump and supple and retains memory properties. It snaps back into place immediately when stretched or compressed. But as we age our skin takes longer to regain its position.

This is because of strong collagen levels in younger skin.

As we age, collagen production decreases and the skin becomes thinner allowing fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Older skin will bruise.

When producing our cosmetics range we combine collagen promoting ingredients such as peptides to stimulate collagen production.



Elastin is a protein contained in the elastic fibers of connective tissue and provides the skin’s elasticity in the dermis.

It expands and contracts with the demands placed on the skin by our activities. When we are younger the elastin is like any new elastic, It retains its strength and the ability to snap back into shape instantly. But as we age factors such as exposure to UV rays and disease cause it to lose its stretch.

Elastin pulls our skin smooth again when we laugh, talk, smile, eat frown etc.

However it becomes weaker over time and is not able to snap back as it once did. Increasing collagen assists elastin to regain some of its elasticity, pulling the skin tight to reduce wrinkling. As you see there is ample evidence to the importance of Proteins  to your skin.



Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. When you apply a skin care cream containing amino acids to your skin it will stimulate the production of both collagen and elastin to promote the renewal of skin cells. This in turn will help renew the skins suppleness and elasticity and, when applied, will promote cell renewal.