The Best Remedies For Chest Wrinkles


The warm weather is here and the sun is shining. It’s time to hit the pool, the beach and summer sales! However, this also means you’ll likely be showing a little more skin, leaving areas you normally keep covered in the wintertime exposed, including your lower neck and chest.

And while it’s natural to develop lines and chest wrinkles, it’s an area that you’ll want to take extra special care of during the summer months. Just like your facial skin, your neck and chest area require special care if you wish to keep them looking and feeling youthful.

As we age, collagen production slows affecting the texture of the skin, making it more prone to wrinkle.  The first step in avoiding premature neck and chest wrinkles is, of course, to stay hydrated and moisturized. While the most common (and unavoidable) reason for chest wrinkles is natural movements and aging, extra sun exposure, tanning beds, smoking, tight clothing and sleeping position may all have an effect on the area, and can cause necklace lines (or horizontal chest wrinkles) to form.

While these annoying neck and chest wrinkles are unavoidable, there is plenty you can do to remedy the situation.



You likely have a daily skin care routine, and if you do not – it’s time to start one. Keeping your skin hydrated and properly cleaned is imperative if you wish to avoid pesky chest wrinkles.

Instead of stopping at the jaw line, it’s time to extend your routine down to your chest. Remember to exfoliate the neck and chest area at least once a week to remove dead skin cells, and always keep the skin properly moisturized (especially before bed and overnight).



Be sure you wear clothes made of natural fabric that do not huge your neck or chest area too tight. If you’re a fan of thin strapped tanks or halter-tops, beware of how these styles hug your skin.

If your halter-top, bathing suit or bra does not fit properly – you may see deep lines begin to form within one day. If you’re clothing is too tight, it can lead to permanent chest wrinkles. Keep it light, loose and flowing this summer to avoid developing any new fine lines.



As it goes for all wrinkles and overall health, be sure you’re getting a balanced diet that includes plenty of Vitamin A, C and E if you want to avoid neck and chest wrinkles. Foods and drinks containing these vitamins include powerful antioxidant properties and promote skin cell health, skin cell growth and the development of collagen in the skin.

The warm weather is the perfect time for a cold fruit smoothie or vegetable salad, making it easy to get your daily does of vitamins and minerals imperative for maintaining healthy and glowing skin.

Neck and chest wrinkles are natural; so remember not to be discouraged. Stay hydrated, stop smoking and follow the guidelines above to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stop the development of chest lines. And get ready to put on your favorite summer dress showing of your smooth, healthy and glowing shoulders!