About Us

To create the Best Instant Face Lift Serum has been a wonderful journey.

When we first started out over 12 years ago the only thing we were sure of is that we had a facelift serum that worked.

Internet marketing was new to us. We became students of how to sell on the internet. We learned that giving a customer the product they were looking for was the best sales tool of all.

Information about the product is most important. We do our best to give you all the facts about Erase Cosmetics. We hope you are able to make an informed choice with the information we give you.


To maximize the effect of our BEST Face Lift Serum we formulate it to achieve the following:

We know you will have questions about our Instant Face Lift Serum and we have done our best to answer them here in our Q and A section. Over the years lots of people have asked us a lot about our products so we have tried to make our questions and answers section as comprehensive as we can.

If you still have questions and cannot find what you are looking for please email or call us. You will find the numbers at the bottom of this page. Our time zone is Australian (AEST) so if we don’t answer we will call you back as soon as we get the message.

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