The Best Botox Alternatives

botoxalt Botox is an injectable produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. It is one of the most popular treatments for removing wrinkles, My Botox LA Med Spa suggests to first check with your doctor before applying it. Most often used to smooth out the frown lines and crow’s feet, the toxin is delivered through a needle and can be accompanied by various side effects such as double vision and allergy-induced rashes. Not to mention, the procedure is a costly decision, one that can run you thousands of dollars per year. Why not save the money and protect your health by choosing the following Botox alternatives? There are plenty of ways to protect and care for your skin that will allow you to age with grace and confidence, if only you know where to look! facesaverball


The Face Saver Ball was created and designed by Yamuna, a renowned fitness trainer, as her own Botox alternative. The rubber balls work on the bones and muscles in your face to reduce skin sagging. The ball helps to stimulate and align bone, activate facial muscles and increase circulation and tone. At about $60, the reusable Face Saver Ball will save you countless dollars in Botox treatments, and offers a completely natural Botox alternative. While the ball was originally designed for women over 40, it’s proven effective for women as early as their mid-twenties. 3minutefacelift


This “facelift in a bottle” is a quick and effective Botox alternative that definitely won’t break the bank. The affordable and topical anti-aging cream is designed to rapidly reverse signs of aging. And clinical studies show that regular application over time assists the skin in permanently removing wrinkles. As it dries, the Botox alternative is absorbed into the upper layer of the skin. With the powerful formula (including Collagen), the serum effectively contracts the spaces between facial skin cells. This begins to firm the skin, smoothing deep wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging. frownies


These Botox alternative facial patches address the physical cause of deep wrinkles. The patches can be applied between the eyes and across the forehead to attack crow’s feet and lines around the mouth. They are left on for at least three hours, or even over night, and train the underlying muscles in your face to a pre-wrinkle state. The patches are basically freezing, or preventing, the muscle movements that cause wrinkles, similar to what Botox accomplishes. With repeated use, over time the muscles begin to naturally avoid wrinkle-causing movements. And with 144 patches costing only about $20, it’s quickly becoming one of the most cost effective Botox alternatives. benefitialretinolmask


This Botox alternative face mask works to hydrate the skin and smooth wrinkles with retinol and vitamin C.  The mask restores skin’s texture by stimulating collagen production, giving skin an instant glow after each use. The concentrated sheet mask also infuses skin with hydrating moisture to help combat wrinkles, dryness, and dullness. The application itself only takes 15 minutes, like with most traditional face masks, and the results are proven effective over long-term use. You’ll spend about $65 on a set of 4 masks, and they should be used no more than once a week.