The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen For Night Time


The late hours of the day are an essential time for your skin. While you’re sleeping your skin cell renewal is faster and collagen production is boosted. Free radicals are also destroyed while your body rests, which is why it’s so imperative to reach a healthy amount of REM sleep each night.

It’s also an important time to cultivate the best anti aging skin care techniques for your skin type. A nightly routine and regimen will help maintain healthy, clear and youthful skin. Just like brushing your teeth, your face needs attention in the morning and at night.



The best anti aging skin care routine before bedtime begins with oil and warm water. There are plenty of safe cleansing oils on the market, however simple organic olive oil or coconut oil works just as well (and may be best for more sensitive skin types).

The oils will instantly wipe away makeup, lotions and sunscreens without aggravating the skin and are therapeutic to massage into the skin. After you’ve successfully removed stubborn makeup, use a hot-soaked washcloth to gently wipe off the excess oil.



To truly create the best anti aging skin care regimen for your skin you’ll need to find a cleanser. The key to finding the right cleanser for your skin is to understand your skin type. The more natural, organic and gentle the cleanser – the better.

You want to be sure that you are scrubbing your cleanser into your skin in a circular motion, to best remove all dirt, debris and makeup. And remember not to be extremely rough with your skin. Facial skin is more sensitive than other areas of the body, and it requires a bit more care.



Micro water cleansers work as a gentle toner and are a key step in creating the best anti aging skin care before bed. Most of the micro water cleansers on the market are made up of majority active hydrogen mineral water, and are a natural and gentle option for any skin type.

After rinsing off your regular cleanser, use a cotton ball or pad to apply a small amount of micro water to your skin. You don’t need a lot, just a simple swipe over the face (avoiding the eyes) to perfectly tone the skin and to keep it clear.



Once you’ve patted your face dry from all the cleaning, it’s time to hydrate your skin for overnight. And to truly find the best anti aging skin care routine, you’ll need to do a little moisturizing research. You want to be sure you’re using an extra-hydrating formula that’s complimentary to your skin type and appropriate for nighttime wear.

One of the best anti aging skin care treatments we’ve used is our own Regenerate Multi-Peptide Skin Rejuvenation Cream. The moisturizer re-hydrates your skin while you sleep and helps replenish and restore the elasticity and firmness of your skin.



Last, but never least, the eyes. For the best anti aging skin care routine always ends with the most sensitive part of your face. Remember, the area around the eyes needs a different source of hydration from the rest of your face. And it needs to be gentle enough to avoid irritation, yet strong enough to work through the night.

Be positive you’re using products with safe ingredients, and again – double check that you’re using a nighttime formula. The creams we use during the day are often not the best anti aging skin care choice at night. If your skin is extremely sensitive, or you’re prone to eye irritations, try using a small amount of organic coconut oil to moisturize overnight.