The Best Anti Aging Regimen

bestantiagingregimen When people think about the best anti aging regimen they often think of fitness and living a life at the gym. Or perhaps they think of a drastic diet cutting out all sugar and carbohydrates. However, what’s really effective is to find the smaller, more manageable things in your life. From exercising your brain, to taking care of your hygiene and stress levels, we’ve put together a basic routine that will help anyone cheat the clock one day at a time.  diet DIET Your diet is a great place to begin when cultivating the best anti aging regimen. However, it’s not the end all be all of your existence. Start with any allergies or food restrictions you may have. Conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure may affect what you should and shouldn’t eat and drink. It’s vital to acknowledge these issues before they become bigger problems. The most important thing to remember is everything in moderation. To maintain the best anti aging regimen you don’t have to cut out carbs completely; just don’t eat the whole baguette in one sitting. If you have a sweet tooth reach for natural sugars found in fruits, instead of processed sugar found in candy. The key is finding a balance, not depriving.  exercise EXERCISE If you’re not an avid athlete or gym-goer you may struggle with finding ways to get a healthy dose of daily exercise. This can also be difficult for people with jobs that require a lot of sitting. To create the best anti aging regimen for yourself find small periods of time in the day to get your heart rate up. Walk to lunch instead of driving or go for a walk after dinner with your significant other instead of sitting in front of the television. Even 15 minutes of working out 3 or 4 days a week can completely change your aging process and offer you a much happier and healthier lifestyle.  hygien HYGIENE This one may seem fairly obvious, however the older we get the easier it is to let ourselves go and not take hygiene too seriously. Caring for yourself comes first when building the best anti aging regimen. Forgetting to brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day, or disregarding your skincare can cause serious health problems down the road and lead to early signs of aging. The best anti aging regimen begins everyday with brushing and flossing your teeth for at least 1 minute (and to be repeated before bed). Dental problems can cause all kinds of health issues, from infections and pain, to sleep disorders and headaches, You can check here to make an appointment with a dentist. Consult a dentist from 360 Dental Care if you want to get composite veneers manchester. If you can afford to have dental implant surgery, this would help get rid of some of those problems. And remembering to wear sunscreen (even when not at the beach), as well as properly moisturizing your skin, will help avoid issues like skin cancer, burns and deep set wrinkles.  stress STRESS While things like diet and exercise can significantly help maintain healthy stress levels, they’re often not enough. The best anti aging regimen includes getting enough sleep, and if you have problems sleeping – then take initiative to seek out solutions. It’s important to learn to breathe through life, as stress can cause physical signs of aging and damage at any age. Meditation classes, yoga and hiking are just a few ideas when creating your best anti aging regimen. They can all help to naturally de-stress even the most high-strung individual. And if you’re in a relationship, regular sex at least once a week (if not more!) can lead to a healthier life and longevity. Human interaction, from socializing to hugging releases hormones that naturally help to relieve stress.