The Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

As a health conscious woman, it’s normal to be wary of the ingredients in our products. We all want to look younger, feel happier and shine brighter, but how many products really offer these amazing benefits? An ingredient that you can trust, until the end of time, is green tea! Used since the ancient history, green tea has been an age-old treatment, loved for its magical healing properties. Today, there’s tons of scientific research to support the powerful benefits of green tea. Loaded with tons of antioxidants and nutrients, green tea has been #1 because it works!

Anti Ageinggreenteacup

One of the many miracles of green tea is that it fights ageing. Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s not! In fact, green tea contains properties that combat free radicals which damage healthy cells and decrease collagen– a protein needed to keep skin soft and young-looking. So, incorporating green tea into your daily life can actually help you keep the clock of time at bay. Sip up, ladies!

Immune Boosting

Green tea also contains strengthening immune agents, which protect against diseases and stress.  It offers anti-inflammatory effects, which result in a stronger and more efficient immune system response. This means a healthier mind and body.  Healthy immune systems are better at treating infections from bacteria and viruses.

Skin Clearingkonjactea

If you suffer from dull or acne-prone skin, green tea is also the answer! It helps rejuvenate skin cells and brighten your complexion for a beautiful, restored look. You can enjoy green tea by consuming it internally or applying it to your face. Erase Cosmetics features an exquisite way to enjoy the amazing benefits of green tea with the Green Tea Konjac sponge. Made with extracts of green tea and Konjac,  this sponge offers a sterilizing effect to facilitate radiant soft skin.

Cancer Fighting

Another reason you should be consuming green tea is because it helps fight cancer. Studies have shown that the antioxidants in green tea stop cancer cells from growing and surviving. Green tea can also aid in preventing the development of new blood vessels in tumors. To enjoy these amazing benefits of green tea, you should make it your daily beverage and stick to it!

Fat Loss

If you’re not already super impressed with the benefits of green tea, you should know that it also aids in fat loss. Yes ladies, it’s true!  In order to burn fat, the green tea helps break it down within the cell and move it through the bloodstream. Since green tea contains fat burning hormones, it helps this process run more smoothly. So, for those looking for healthier ways to slim down, consume more green tea to heat up your internal fat burning engine.

These days, there are so many beauty companies that make exaggerated claims about their skin treatments, but they rarely actually work. Know that you can trust in the benefits of green tea, a treatment that has been used for centuries.

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