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Anti Aging is categorized into several sections. In this section, we look at natural foods and the anti-aging benefits they possess.

many cosmetic companies claim the wonders of fruits and fruit extracts in their products. Here at Erase Cosmetics we carefully research the benefits of natural ingredients and then test them to make sure they integrate into our products to optimize the benefits to our customers.

We have discovered that not everything will work as well in a formulation unless it is supported by compatible partners.

At times these amazing natural products need a little help to hold their structure in a cosmetic environment.

Cosmetic formulation is a complex field. Many major cosmetics companies offer products containing natural ingredients designed to promote anti-aging.  While many as good formulations, and show good results they mostly require approximately 3 months to show the effects.

In today’s world of instant gratification that can be a long time.

We have posted several articles on the benefits of natural ingredients over the years. We also continually add more natural ingredients to our products. Our goal is to provide not only short term benefits to our customers but also show results for continued use of the products.

Some of our clients have been with us for over 12 years now and order every 6 weeks or so without fail.