Spring Beauty Trends That Will Make You Look Younger


The cold, winter months can wreak havoc on the skin. And we simply can’t wait for warmer months to get here!  We’re gearing up this year with some of our new favorite beauty trends. The best part about spring 2017 – natural, pink tones are in!

This year is perfect for woman of all ages, with various trends to help you look younger, and added shimmer for a touch of glowing romance. Check out our top tips and let us know if you’ve discovered any new ones of your own!



The holidays may be over, but gilded lids are one of the hottest trends for the upcoming warmer months. For fairer complexions choose a rose gold, medium complexions should go with a classic gold and darker complexions can try a more burnt gold. The shimmering shades should be applied in a cream shadow, and are a great way to hide discoloration that accompanies aging. The shimmer just below the crease of your lid will brighten the entire eye area leaving you feeling and looking younger all season long.



This spring is all about natural shades of lipsticks and stains. Choosing warm pinks and rose tones will enhance the color your lips already have, and they offer a much fuller looking lip than dark violet or matte nude colors. To increase the volume and to keep your lips looking younger, start with a flesh toned lip liner and finish with a light coat of hydrating gloss.



Glowing highlighters for the skin are all the rage right now. Put the blush away, and stick to more shimmering natural shades. They are a wonderfully simple way to look younger and brighter. The reflection of light creates the illusion of a smooth, plump, more youthful complexion. And choosing a cream based product will also help create a more hydrated look, again to help keep your skin looking and feeling younger (this should be applied along your nose line, cheekbones and corner of the eyes).



Stop over plucking and tweezing those eyebrow hairs. As we age our eyebrow hair thins, but the thicker and more defined your brows are – the more dynamic your face will appear, leaving you looking younger. Start by brushing hairs upward, to open the eye area and to add volume. You can use a professional beauty brush, or even a toothbrush. Once you brush up, follow your natural shape and brush diagonally from the arch to the end to set the shape. If you need to use filler, go with a tinted wax that will also help keep hairs in place.



Choosing to go mascara-free is scary for many women. However, you can choose a clear growth product that will help thicken and define lashes – making it much easier to go without heavy coats of mascara. You may also choose to curl your lashes, helping to open the eye area, without coating on tons of product. The more products we add to our eyelashes, the more often they will fall out. Leaving them to breath a few days a week is a great way to keep their fullness, and to keep your face looking younger.