Skincare Mistakes You Should Stop Making


Photo source; Sheknows

When it comes to beauty, our skin is not one to neglect. We all know life gets busy and there are days when we would be less bothered about having the perfect nails or flawless makeup. Our skin is different, it’s going to be with us for a long while and taking care of it is not a duty we can skimp no matter how hard life gets.

We may know the skincare basics of washing, cleansing, and moisturizing, but there are some mistakes which you may be making that prevents you from enjoying the full benefits of your skincare regime. Here is a list of common skincare mistakes and their possible solutions.

Slathering on too much product

The saying that “less is more” should always be your watchword when it comes to applying products on your skin. The excess product you apply will sit on your skin rather than penetrate it and this is counter-productive for you.

A solution to this is to apply products in thin layers and massage into the skin. Start off using a pea sized amount.

Wearing makeup to bed

There are days when you come home after a night out and just jump in bed without taking off your makeup. Clogged pores and acne will become your partner if you do not stop this act. It is important to cleanse your face and remove all makeup before going to bed.

To make thing easier for you, you could always keep a makeup wipe close to your bed so you could easily reach out, grab, and wipe clean.

Popping your pimples

The urge to pick the acne on your face may be intense, but you should do well to resist it. Touching your face or picking your acne will do you no good especially if you use unwashed hands.

Make it a daily habit to avoid picking your acne and you will notice a change in the appearance of your face.

Relying on your foundations SPF

Most foundations today come with a SPF but you should not depend on this for protection against UV rays. Chances are you wouldn’t apply the foundation in a generous amount to get the benefit of the SPF like you would a regular sunscreen.

Always apply a regular sunscreen on your face before going out to prevent sun damage.

Using the wrong eye cream

Applying thick creamy lotion underneath the eyes will cause wrinkles. Such products are too heavy to apply in the eye region whuch is thin.

If you must use an eye cream, ensure to get one like the Visage Lovely Eyes- Triple action serum that is lightweight and illuminates under eye dark circles.

Not going for checkups

Even if your skin is super smooth, clear, radiant and glowing, you should make it a priority to visit the dermatologist at least once yearly. Dark spot, funny scars and moles should be followed up by your dermatologist.