Visage Lovely Eyes – Triple Action Eye Serum


With Visage Lovely Eyes you can bring back the youth and allure in your eyes. A luxurious eye moisturizing serum, formulated with an active complex of natural peptides, proteins, Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed extracts. Intensely hydrates the sensitive skin around the eyes, wiping out fine lines and crow’s feet. This powerful combination of premium ingredients is proven to effectively illuminate dark crescents and reduce puffiness. * Use daily to see relaxed, fresh lovely eyes!


Are the windows of your soul giving away your age?

Don’t let dark circles and puffy eyes make you look older and fatigued!

*Test subjects report an approximate 35% reduction of dark circles, 31% reduction of puffiness and 42% improvement of skin smoothness and texture.


-Illuminates under eye dark circles and reduces puffiness
-Reduces fine lines and crow’s feet
-Enhances skin firmness & smooths skin texture
-Delivers intense moisture
-Uniquely formulated with Soy& Rice Peptides, Yeast Proteins, Hyaluronic Acid and Seaweed Extracts

Additional Benefits

-Reduces eye bags puffiness associated with allergic reactions
-30 Day Money Back Guarantee