Not Getting Enough Sleep? This Could Be Why

By: Kristin Louis

Are you having a hard time catching up on sleep? Sleep problems can seem like a basic part of life, but the health issues that can be brought on by a lack of sleep are anything but basic. As a parent, you need sleep to stay mentally focused in the classroom and thrive in every aspect of your life. That said, here are a few possible reasons you aren’t getting enough shuteye, presented by Erase Cosmetics.

It’s Time for a New Mattress

Your bed is the foundation of your sleep, so you need to know when it’s time to replace it. For the most part, you should replace your mattress every seven to 10 years, but you should pay attention to how you feel, too. If you are tossing and turning through the night, feeling hot, or waking up with pain, it may be time to get rid of your old mattress. If the idea of buying a new mattress worries you from a budgetary perspective, not to worry. There are many affordable options on the market that still provide the comfort you require for your specific sleep style.


You Need Tools That Actually Work

Sleep problems are pretty prevalent, and there are lots of “tools” aimed at helping you get a better night’s rest. But how can you tell which ones will work and which ones will be a waste of money? Try researching options online before you take the plunge and buy them. Some sleep tools will actually help you get more sleep and are well worth the money spent on them. From a device that puts a stop to snoring to wristbands that actually track the quality of your sleep, picking up the right tools can help send your sleep habits back in the right direction.


It’s Time to Refresh Your Nighttime Routines

What you do before bedtime can impact how well you sleep. If you have trouble relaxing at night, try making over your evening routines to include practices that help you unwind. Dim the lights throughout your home and find a cozy corner where you can relax. Turn the thermostat down and try to create an optimal temperature for sleep. The quality of the air in your home could also negatively impact your sleep. An air purifier can eliminate air pollutants, pollen, and pet dander so you can enjoy a good night’s rest.

If you are not already practicing yoga or meditation, now is a great time to start. Both of these soothing activities involve breathwork that can aid relaxation and make it easier to drift off to sleep at night. You should also focus on decluttering and cleaning messes, both at home and in the classroom, in order to reduce stress.


Follow Your Dreams

Sometimes, what’s keeping us awake at night are the thoughts that run through our minds. For example, maybe you think about getting another job or going back to school to get that degree you’ve always wanted. Not only can pursuing your dreams relieve stress and provide you with direction and purpose, but it may also help you fall asleep at night. So, if you want to get your bachelor’s degree, enroll in an online university and start taking classes. This could be the secret to a good night’s sleep that you’ve been dreaming about.


You Need More Exercise in the Mornings

Do you find yourself too tired to work out in the morning? By ditching your workouts, you could be setting yourself up for poorer sleep at night. Make it easier to sleep soundly by getting regular exercise. Go for a nice walk, do yoga, or take up strength training. If you have sleep issues, many experts suggest working out in the early hours to maximize your sleep benefits. Combine your workouts with clothing like breathable cotton shorts and moisture-wicking socks.


You Don’t Pay Attention to What You Eat

Just like exercise, what you eat can have a tremendous impact on your sleep. Consuming caffeine in the afternoon hours can lead to disaster at night. So, try to cut out those late-day teas, lattes, and sodas that contain loads of sugar and caffeine. If you have indigestion, foods that are overly spicy or fatty can also cause problems for you in bed. Acid reflux tends to get worse when you are lying down, so try to keep problematic foods out of your diet in the afternoon and evening hours. Finally, time your last meal so that you have a couple of hours to allow your food to settle before bed.

Skipping sleep is a dangerous habit for parents to have. By missing sleep, you are missing time that your body and mind need to feel refreshed. More importantly, you aren’t being your best for yourself or your students. Take steps to clean up your sleep hygiene and start enjoying better rest.

Photo Credit: Pexels