Six Ways You Can Feel Young at Any Age


By: Dana Brown Everyone ages. That is one of the few unchangeable truths of being human — we get older. For many of us, getting older comes with slowing down, more aches and pains, and sometimes even a shorter fuse. That said, getting older doesn’t have to mean feeling older. We live in a stressful, … Read more

Foods that Give Your Skin An Advantage


  Eat right. It’s a phrase we hear as advice for everything from slimming down to becoming heart healthy. Feeding ourselves is such a frequent, small task that we often overlook it, but it’s true that “you are what you eat”. The same holds true for your skin. Cleaner eating leads to cleaner skin. Eating … Read more

Cucumber Extract in Skin Care:


Here at Erase Cosmetics we continually research and improve our skin care products to bring you superior long term benefits, not just a quick fix. Many of our customers use the non-surgical facelift serum and others daily so we add beneficial ingredients to the products with longer-term benefits in mind. One of these is cucumber … Read more