Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid


Why do women wear makeup at all? Well, each of us has her reasons and aims of wearing makeup but the main goal is to highlight our beauty. However, you may not realize how tired or unhealthy your skin can look because of the makeup mistakes you make every day. Makeup makes you more beautiful and attractive only if you follow the most essential rules and avoid any kind of mistake. Sometimes even the simplest and unnoticeable mistakes end up working against us. So, the time you spend in front of the mirror should be more than beneficial and useful for your health and beauty. No one wants to look exhausted especially when you don’t actually feel it. Here represented makeup mistakes will help you to discover some cool secrets using which you will certainly display your natural charm.

dry skin

  1. Not Moisturizing

Even though you often moisturize your face before wearing the main makeup, you may still keep it dry and damaged in some cases. Not moisturizing properly is the number 1 mistake you make while taking care of your skin. You need to moisturize your body and face every single day before applying any kind of makeup. If you skip this essential step and jump straight to applying your everyday makeup you’ll surely wind up aging yourself. It goes without saying that women with naturally dry skin should never miss this step. Moisturizing is not only a great anti aging tool but also keeps your body soft and subtle.

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  1. Too Much Foundation

In spite of the fact that too little foundation makes you look tired or brings out your wrinkles, you should not go for too much foundation too. If you overdo the foundation, your skin may look somehow cakey, unnatural and unpleasant. Besides, it will display the fine lines and some facial features even clearly. In order to avoid this, you need to use a blending sponge instead of your fingers. Make sure to clean and refresh your tools quite frequently.


  1. Wrong Shade of Under Eye Concealer

If you use under eye concealer regularly then you are supposed to find out the most suitable shade for your skin tone. Overall, you use it in order to brighten up your eyes and bring out their incredible shine. So, do your best to avoid wrong shades. Don’t use hues which are too light or too dark and always consider your skin tone before choosing any product. Before applying make sure, you are in a well-lit room, so that you can clearly notice any mistake you make. You can use white eye shadow or highlighter to make your eyes look fresher. Then go for the shade that looks natural and compliments your skin tone.

  1. Lack of Colors on Your Cheeks

Washed out or faded skin tone makes you look tired and older. Ladies with too pale complexions should definitely color their cheeks in natural-looking shades and darker-skinned women are expected to find a matching hue to brighten up their face. The right shades on cheeks are able to create an overall fresh and youthful effect. However, you’d better keep in mind that overdoing may ruin the cuteness of your face. So, keep it as natural as possible.


  1. Dark or Too Light Lip Liner

Sometimes we like to use lip liners, which are darker than our natural lip color. This is another big makeup mistake that leads to an older-looking and harsher effect. Make sure you use a lip liner closer to your natural lip shade. On the other hand, too light lip liner may cause a pale and tired look. If you want to accentuate the beauty of your lips then go for a neutral and natural lip liner.


  1. Not Enough Touch Ups

Touch ups are the most essential in makeup tips. There is always the risk to damage the face because of heavy and wrong makeups. If you wear makeup every day, then you must have your own plan of refreshing your face by natural masks, oils, hydrating face sprays and antiaging creams. They help you keep the face subtler, shinier and fresher. You can even spritz hydrating face sprays on your makeup for a quicker pick-me-up.

Thus, any woman who follows these steps avoids makeup mistakes and always looks healthy, pretty and sparkling. Luckily, they are quite simple and easy and even the laziest girl can find the energy and time to take proper care of her cute face.