Your skin is considered your body’s largest and fastest-growing organ (American Academy of Dermatology). It’s your protector, in more ways than one, and it keeps the bad stuff out of your body (while hopefully keeping all of the good stuff in). It’s your personal thermostat and one of the most important parts of the human body. It seems only natural that we protect our skin to the best of our ability.


However, we daily expose our skin to various types of damage without giving it the proper care it needs to regenerate. Many people do not realize the simple daily actions, like using this oil, that can help prevent wrinkles and even cure breakouts.

Image courtesy of Winnond /
Image courtesy of Winnond /


This is a really easy thing to do. We need water. Our bodies crave water and need it to function properly. However, many people do not drink the recommended daily amount of water, which leads to overall health issues. When it comes to your skin, the amount of water you drink could make a world (and years) of difference.


All of your organs are made up of cells, and these cells are made up of water. Without water, an organ cannot function to its best ability. Lack of hydration can cause dry and flaky skin cells, which in turn creates skin that is more prone to wrinkling. And when you drink water it will go to all of your other organs before it reaches your skin. This means that it’s important to apply water (or moisturizer) directly to the skin to help prevent as well.



We could all use more sleep, am I right? Plenty of people do not realize adequate sleep is not just about feeling motivated and less sluggish, it’s imperative for you overall health. While you sleep, your body works to remove dead blood cells and dead brain cells to make room for new ones. Your brain gets rid of toxins while you sleep, which helps you and your skin feel more refreshed.


Stress also wreaks havoc on the body and the skin, and can negatively affect your sleep patterns. Try going to bed 30 minutes earlier every night. By the end of the week that’s 3.5 extra hours of sleep, which means 14 extra hours in a month and 168 extra hours in a year!


Your skin is your protector, so you must protect it. Give you skin the same care it gives you and put on sunscreen every single day. You want to make sure you are using safe, organic and all-natural products, and you should test your skin’s sensitivity before applying in large quantities.

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Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, which in turn helps avoid wrinkles and makes your skin have more elasticity. The more vitamin C you have, the more healthy, clear and vibrant your skin will be. The glowing look of skin comes from the inside, so nurture your body with good food, as well as good skin care. Like with water, getting the proper daily amount could change your entire complexion.

These are all simple tasks you can easily add to your daily routine. And each will help protect your skin against the obstacles it faces everyday. Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but you can help your body through the process with ease and care.

Skincare starts with you, and how you take care of yourself. From sleep, to glasses of water, we often do these things automatically without much thought. Push yourself to be more aware and to make healthy choices for your body and mind. Eat well, drink well and sleep more, and enjoy a healthier, more glowing you!