Is There Such Thing as an Instant Skin Tightening Cream?

3 Minute Facelift

Every wrinkled damsel in distress needs her age-fighting hero. “When will we find ours?” is the question on everyone’s mind—because of course, all woman over 50 want to be rescued from aging. We all want that ultimate remedy to smooth out our furrowed forehead, soften our mouth lines and pull up those jowls. Oh, where can we find this legendary skin defender, the one worth waiting for? Visit for your skincare and makeup needs.

Well ladies, get ready to meet your anti-wrinkle knight in shining armor! Try not to swoon over this premium skin tightening cream….

The 3-Minute Instant Facelift Serum: Your Ultimate Skin Tightening Cream

Backed by years of research and the newest innovations in skin-tightening science, the 3-Mininute Instant Facelift Serum is truly one of a kind. Jam-packed with cellular skin lifters and anti-aging ingredients, this product is a nonstop power-machine that works to around the clock to firm and brighten sagging skin. Superman’s got nothing on this hunk of a beauty product!

Within just 3 minutes, you’ll notice an instant smoothing and lifting effect, giving you a younger look you can be proud of. It works by using highly active ingredient to pull the skin cells together on a microscopic level, allowing you to appear as if you’ve had an instant facelift. Get ready to kiss goodbye to Botox and welcome something much safer into your arsenal of beauty secrets.

It’s that god-send you’ve been praying for after being disappointed by so many useless cosmetic products. Tried and tested by women all over the world, there’s no denying that the 3-Minute Instant Facelift Serum works. You’ll notice your lines soften, your wrinkles smoothed and your jawline tightened—all the signs of aging are radically improved.


The product speaks for itself, but you can check out the reviews on the Erase Cosmetics Facebook Page. You can also visit the website and view the “before and after” gallery, allowing you to see people’s amazing transformations.

“Erase has given me back my self-esteem and confidence. I no longer feel embarrassed by the deep wrinkles in my face & neck” says Muriel age 57. Muriel reveals a truth that many women over 50 have trouble facing—the toll that aging takes on confidence. No matter how positive and self-motivating you are, nothing puts that extra kick in your stride like knowing you looked refreshed and glowing. Now, you can enjoy that feeling everyday with this world-class skin tightening cream.


Rachael Ray

Talk show sweetheart, Rachael Ray loved the product so much, she featured it on her show with guest speaker, Dr. Youn, certified Plastic Surgeon. In the video, he describes the costliness of facelifts and weighs the benefits of using the 3-Minute Instant Facelift Serum to experience a firming effect on the skin. He specifically addresses the problem that many older women face with their jowls, the loose skin that buckles at the jawline.


In the video, the test experiment is performed on Dawn, a women age 53 who applies the skin tightening cream to her face. When the curtains are opened, the audience is astonished by her improved facial appearance.

You can enjoy these results too by visiting the Erase Cosmetics online and try the 3-Minute Instant Facelift today.

When it comes to finding our anti-wrinkle hero, we can trust a certified skin tightening cream to lead the way. So, hold you head up high—and your wrinkles too! Perhaps your skin can have its happy ending after all. Here’s to never looking back!