Instant Facelift Application by Karon

Instant Facelift Application – by Karon

When you start wearing Instant Facelift, your usual routine will not fit.  Since I have worn the product for 5 years, my daily facial routine has changed.  Instant Facelift keeps maintenance low and the daily care of my face is much easier.


To apply Instant Facelift, have a fan or blow dryer handy.  Make sure your face is clean, dry, and exfoliated.  If you have never exfoliated before, you may want to prep your face by exfoliating a few times before you begin to use Instant Facelift.  Dead skin, moisturizer, makeup or anything that shields the serum from the skin cells will keep the serum from working as effectively.


Do not use moisturizer under Instant Facelift, and shake the bottle of serum each time before you use it. If you wear sunscreen, apply it 20 to 30 minutes before the Instant Facelift serum.  If it is absorbed in your skin, the serum will work effectively.


Put a small amount of serum on your finger or makeup brush.  Lay a thin layer all over your face (the serum should not be pressed into your skin).  It needs to lie on the outside of the skin to contract the skin cells.


If you apply Instant Facelift with an upward motion, your facial skin will appear lifted.  If you apply too much, a white residue will form.   As you practice, you will learn the amount you need.


After the application, standing in front of a fan on high, or using a cool blow dryer for a few minutes activates the serum.  The faster it dries, the more dramatic the results.  The serum will not work with hot air, a ceiling fan, or if you let it slowly dry on your face.  After it is dry, your face will feel like you just applied a masque.  Within 30 seconds, your skin will loosen.


You can clear away any white residue with water or if you used a brush to apply the serum,that will work as well.  Use mineral makeup after it is completely dry.  Oil or water-based makeup will dissolve the facelift serum.  If your skin has a tendency to become dry, apply a hydration masque 2 or 3 times a week until your skin adjusts to the serum.

Those are my tips on Instant Facelift Application.



Karon Schilling

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  1. Marianne Skovsted says:

    I am a new user of Erase Face-lift serum. I am looking for makeup that does not dissolve the effect. I nede some kind of colored make-up cream. Is There a solution on that?
    Kind Regards
    Marianne from Denmark

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