How using face sponges will change your life

facespongeOne of the newest and most popular beauty trends are face sponges (better known as Konjac sponges). They may seem strange at first, but cleaning your face like you clean your dishes is not as bizarre as it sounds (we promise).

Our Erase Cosmetics Japanese Konjac Sponges are the most natural cleanser, next to water, and are imperative for any result-driven skincare regimen. It may not seem very different than a washcloth or facial scrub, but for individuals with lifelong skin issues – these cute little guys could change your life.

Washcloths can be rough on your skin, and their design is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As they sit damp in the bathroom bacteria starts to build, and it’s likely you don’t wash the cloth after every single use. Exfoliating and light scrubbing is necessary, but for the best results you need it to be as clean and gentle as possible.

The Konjac sponges are 100% natural and eco-friendly, and they dry quickly making them much more sanitary than a regular cloth. They are made from root vegetable (the Konjac plant) and have become the new norm in Japan. Using beauty blenders has become popular in the states as well, as we begin to understand the benefits of using sponges on the face.

Because of their natural design the sponges feel wonderful and squishy on the skin, but they do require water first. Do not try to use a dry one, this might cause some discomfort. However, they’re gentler than scrubs and perfect for sensitive skin, which makes them ideal for daily exfoliating (which can be difficult for people with rosacea or other skin issues that require sensitive touch).

The sponges absorb water quickly to avoid dripping, making them a whole lot less messy. And their absorbent properties also mean they help to more evenly distribute your cleanser on your face. They are even gentle enough to use on eyelids and under eyes, better removing makeup and opening pores to get rid of dirt and oil. You will need to replace the sponge eventually, but they are not going to break the bank. It’s simply a healthy, smart investment. They more effectively clean and dislodge dirt, oil and blackheads than anything we’ve tried before.

Check out our EC offers and get sponging today! It’s time to welcome your new daily radiant skin.