How to Keep your Face Smooth and Wrinkle Free – Anti-ageing tricks that work

Ageing is an inevitable process that occurs in everyone and unfortunately, wrinkles are the telltale sign that give us away when we try to lie about our age. Every woman’s dream is to look years younger than her actual age. This explains the quest to find the ultimate skin care product that would diminish the fine lines and restore skin glow.

The major cause of skin wrinkles is thinning of the outer skin layer which causes the skin to lose its elasticity and become droopy or saggy.

A few decades ago, every woman had no option but to live with wrinkled skin. However, with the ample information and vast technology in the world today, we can look as young as we desire to be.

There are various ways to maintain a smooth/ wrinkle free skin. In some cases, a visit to the dermatologist to get a laser treatment may be required while for others, simple lifestyle changes and topical creams will do the trick.

Major Anti-ageing Tricks to Keep Your Face Smooth and Wrinkle Free

  • Avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen. According to research, UV exposure is responsible for up to 80% of facial skin aging. If you must be out in the sun, ensure you wear a good sunscreen that would not only prevent wrinkles on your face, but would also protect you against skin cancer.
  • Stop squinting. Resist the urge to squint when you can’t see an object or writing. Squinting causes a strain on the facial muscles which later becomes a forehead wrinkle. Instead of squinting, get a good reading glass and also sunglasses. The sunglasses protect our eyes from bright light that may cause us to squint.
  • Always moisturize. A simple and ultimate skin care process to always follow is moisturizing. Not only would moisturizers keep your skin soft and supple, it decreases the visibility of any fine lines present. There are various brands of moisturizers available that won’t break the bank. Dove, Neutrogena and other notable cosmetic brands sell good and affordable moisturizers.
  • Have a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, what we eat and do reflects on our skin so we should swap unhealthy practices for better ones. Get more sleep, eat more fruits and vegetables, work out often and include more protein in your diet. Protein is a body building food that reduces wrinkles by replenishing lost collagen fibres in the dermis.

Topical Treatment to Reduce Wrinkles


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As we make lifestyle changes to slow down the ageing process in the long run, we can also use topical creams that provide instant results and keep us motivated and confident. Some topical treatments that have been proven to give results include;

Vitamin C

Creams containing vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) have been proven to be  effective in slowing down the ageing process by boosting collagen, protecting against UV rays and causing significant improvement in skin inflammatory conditions.


According to studies, tretinoin have been proven to promote new cell growth and reduce the amount of fine lines on the face. Anti-ageing creams like these are compounded with retinoids that boost collagen production and provide instant firmness to the skin.


The peptides contained in topical creams are smaller molecules of protein that can be absorbed by the dermis to increase production of skin collagen and retain skin elasticity.

Other active ingredients to look for in skin firming topical creams include; Alpha-hydroxy acids and Idebenone.