How to keep under eye wrinkles at bay


Under eye wrinkles are some of the most frustrating, and sensitive, wrinkles on your face. Once the extra-thin skin around your eyes starts to show signs of aging, it can often leave you looking more tired than you feel, and feeling more tired than look. And chances are good, the more you irritate the skin around your eyes trying to fix it, the more damage you will do.

However, there is hope! There are plenty of safe, useful products out there. And lifestyle changes, like diet and sleep, may help smooth and tone the skin around your eyes as well. From homemade concoctions to Erase Cosmetics products, we’re exploring our top four under eye wrinkle remedies.



We know smoking is bad for your health, but it’s also terrible for keeping under eye wrinkles at bay. When you smoke, your skin cells are damaged and they do not receive all of the vitamins they need to keep your skin safe. A smokers’ skin is severely dehydrated and this leads to face lines, especially under eye wrinkles.

Do your body a favor and put down the cigarettes. It’s not just good for your face, but your entire well being. If you’re goal is to get rid of your under eye wrinkles and you’re still a smoker – you are only hurting your own progress.



The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and sensitive, in comparison to other areas of your body. This area of the body also tends to absorb more UV rays, which is even more dangerous with the thinner under eye skin. You want to be sure to wear SPF, yes – even around your eyes.

According to an article on Pure Optical, there are mineral-based products that are safe to use around your eyes (and won’t sting) that will help delay the appearance of under eye wrinkles. And sunglasses are always a good idea, especially on those extra bright days.



Believe it or not, you can exercise your eyes. While it’s suggested you maintain your health with full body exercise, there are specific eye exercises that can help delay the appearance of under eye wrinkles. Your eye muscles must move in a few directions to remain toned.

To correctly strengthen these muscles and avoid more under eye wrinkles, you need to isolate the muscles separately. Start by putting two fingers on each side of your eyes. Blink quickly and repeatedly while holding the muscles tight on the sides with your fingers. Another routine is to sit up straight and close your eyes. Rotate your eyes up and down and side-to-side while keeping your eyes closed. Then repeat with your eyes open.



Just like with SPF, you want to be sure to choose a moisturizer or daily eye cream that is safe and non-toxic. And just like with smoking, the less you moisturize the more dehydrated your skin will become. A lack of hydration means more under eye wrinkles.

Try using Erase Cosmetics Visage Lovely Eye Cream. The triple action formula provides deep moisture to diminish under eye wrinkles and fine lines, while illuminating under-eye dark circles and dramatically reduce puffiness.