How To Get Rid Of Frown Lines On The Mouth


Frown lines on the mouth are an inventible result of living a full life. From smiling, frowning, laughing, crying and simply just talking – fine lines and wrinkles will begin to form well before you’re likely ready. However there are various ways to help reduce their appearance, if only you know where to look (and what to do).

Instead of going straight for the Botox, or unnatural remedies, try the following options to help reduce the appearance of frown lines on the mouth. Each offers a quick, healthy solution to the unwanted, but necessary process of aging.



Natural options are often a go-to for people who do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on professional treatments. And for individuals with sensitive skin, homemade concoctions will offer the least amount of irritation and potential problems.

There are various homemade remedies for frown lines on the mouth, however only a few will offer you optimum results. Two of our favorite (and easiest) treatments include coconut oil and grape seed oil.

With coconut oil and grape seed oil all you will need is a few drops and a few minutes. Use organic ingredients only and simply massage the oil into the frown lines on the mouth for a few minutes (do not rinse off). The natural antioxidant properties will help restore elasticity to the skin over time, giving you visible results within just a few weeks.



Choosing a quality, non-prescription anti-wrinkle cream like our Erase Cosmetics 3 minute instant facelift serum to treat frown lines on the mouth is always an excellent option. These types of treatments are less expensive than professional fillers and surgeries, and much safer as well.

You want to be sure to look for beneficial ingredients that can help reduce frown lines on the mouth such as retinol, cucumber extract and collagen. These ingredients are safe, naturally derived and ultimately the best option for treating the pesky frown lines on the mouth.

It’s important as well to not focus on the price. You want to focus on your own skin type, the ingredients in the creams and what works best for you. More expensive does not always mean more effective.



Exercising is not only for the body and athletics; it can also help tighten the muscles and wrinkles on your face. Facial exercises for frown lines on the mouth are one of the most affordable options, being 100% free! All you need is determination and an extra 15 minutes at the end (or beginning) of your day.

To begin simply stand in front of the mirror and stretch your mouth open as wide as you can. Hold this position for a few seconds and then pucker your lips as tightly as possible (where your lips almost touch the tip of your nose). Hold this position for a few seconds as well and then stretch your mouth back to the wide position.

Repeat this routine at least 5 times and then, last but not least, stretch your lips forward and down (think of mouthing the word “go”). Hold the position for a few seconds, and then relax. Repeat this at least 10 times and voila! Your nightly exercises for frown lines on the mouth are complete.