How To Get A Face Lift Without Surgery


It may sound impossible, but a face lift without surgery is definitely an option. There are various techniques and procedures that do not require you go under the knife, and many formulas and products that now offer similar, healthier results than the traditional (and dangerous) surgical face lift.

Choosing a nonsurgical skin tightening procedure or wrinkle reduction will depend on your skin type and quality, as well as the specific area you want treated. If you are looking for wrinkle reduction Tri-Cities, the following options are two of the most popular choices for a face lift without surgery, however both should still be performed by a certified doctor or specialist.



One of the most popular options for a face lift without surgery is a radiofrequency treatment. When receiving the treatment the area you want targeted is first marked and the skin is cooled for comfort prior to the process. A special tip that penetrates the skin with radiofrequency deep into the tissue is applied, heating the treatment area to stimulate collagen production.

Patients will feel a vibration as the treatment is performed, as well as cooling and heating sensations with each pulse. However, radiofrequency and intense pulsed light treatments heat only the deep layer of the skin. The outer skin layer is not damaged and your body’s healing response naturally causes collagen production in the skin.



Another option for a face lift without surgery is an ultrasound treatment. That’s right, the same type of device that is used for viewing a growing baby can also be used to smooth the skin. The area to be treated is first marked and the ultrasound gel is then applied to the skin. A specialist places a smooth hand held device on your skin and an image of the tissue beneath is projected on a screen. The ultrasound then releases small thermal surges to stimulate the deep layers of the skin.

Ultrasound treatments focus ultrasonic energy to the deepest layer of your your skin, while keeping the outer layer protected. This allows for new collagen growth to be stimulated to slowly tighten the skin. And like radiofrequency, multiple treatments may be necessary, however it’s still one of the safest options for a face lift without surgery.


A face lift without surgery still requires a period of recovery time, and the procedures may still cause small amounts of pain and discomfort. With most nonsurgical skin-tightening treatments you are usually able to resume full activity immediately after the procedure, however there may be small restrictions and symptoms.

You may also notice immediate results, however the optimum effects of a face lift without surgery will be revealed within the months following the treatment. You may have some swelling, redness or numbness at first, which is normal. If these symptoms last too long, or are too uncomfortable you should immediately contact a physician. Like with any procedure, surgical or not, It is important to follow all patient care instructions provided to you.

A face lift without surgery is always an option, but remember the results and recovery will be much different. Within the first few months you should begin to notice the natural effect of collagen boosts with improved skin texture and lift. And you may even decide with your doctor to continue with future treatments.