How to Fix Thin Grey Eyebrows

Other than wrinkles, the two culprits that give us away are grey and thinning eye brows. Some of us react to them with a little chuckle, accepting them light-heartedly as a sign of the aging process, while others may not greet grey with the same hospitality. Fortunately, there are many ways to remedy these concerns and restore the youthful look of your brows. The only downside, however, is that most of these remedies are invasive; dying, tattooing and microblading can be damaging to the skin and in some cases, even cause allergic reactions. You can also opt to get your tattooed eyebrows professionally removed by laser. Click on this site to learn how to remove a tattoo. So, how can you revive the full brows from your earlier years? The solution is using the tools you know best—makeup! We know it can be hard to find the right surrealism tattoo artists but here’s one we recommend. Never underestimate the power of makeup to turn back the clock on your brows. If you’ve learned to accept the certainty of aging, you might already have a few cosmetic tricks up your sleeve. So, you know the drill. When it comes to brows though, you’re focusing on two main techniques, shaping and coloring. When Your Eyebrows Go All “Whirly Twirly” Getting your eyebrows into shape is the first step. To get it right, you should use an eyebrow gel and brush to glide through unruly hairs until they hold in place. You can also give your brows a little trim. Although this may seem counter-intuitive with thinning brows, you’ll be able to make them look fuller later on. The important part is getting rid of wild hairs to achieve a cleaner base for the brow. Choose a Brow Color: Crayon or Wax Next, you’ll need to select the right color for your brows. You can select from two types of brow products: crayon or wax. Some women prefer crayon because it offers more control over your lines. The colored wax, on the other hand, requires more practice with the angled brush, but it looks much more natural. Now, for your color choices… If you’ve got blonde or light neutral hairs, you’ll use a subtle hue such as ash brown. For medium to dark brown hairs, you can go for deeper shades such as mocha or coffee. Finally, for ladies who are pulling off super jet black hair, you can go for a color as dark as charcoal. See also: Visage Lovely Eyes Triple Action Eye Serum eyebrow2Enhance the Shape Shaping your brows is the central step for adding some oomph to your face. But, it can also be a delicate art, requiring just the right line length and thickness. If your brows fall too short, you must elongate them at the ends, creating a subtle, natural line. If your brows are too thin, you can add bulk by creating a line slightly above the contours of your brow. Go Full-on! Now, you’re ready to fill in your brows! Using your crayon or angled brush, you’ll apply shadow inside your new brow shape, creating a thickening effect as you go. Make sure to avoid going overboard with this technique. When you’re having too much fun with your brows, it’s surprisingly easy to go from full and fresh to freaky! So, don’t get too carried away! Once you’re done, stand back and check out your work. You’ll love your new brows make your eye pop. Bravo! Once you’ve become well-verse in the art of brows, you’ll become more confident and experimental with your style. Eventually, you can try out different shapes and thickness to discover the one which works best for your face shape and features. When you master your perfect brow look, you can enjoy some PA-POW to your stare!