How To Choose The Right Anti-Aging Cream


It seems like there is an endless sea of anti-aging creams on the market. There are so many different types of products and so many different types of skin; it can be almost impossible to know where to begin.   From drugstore, over-the-counter products, to expensive, special order treatments, how do you know what you (and your skin) need?   KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE  Do you have sensitive skin? Is your skin dry or oily? Do you have small pores or large pores? These are all questions you need to answer before you can choose the best anti-aging cream for your skin.   The majority of creams will include information associated with skin types. And there are many available that are safe and effective for all skin types. However, what’s important in the beginning is to weed out all of the products you do not need, or cannot use (due to your skin tone and type).   If you have sensitive skin, do not choose products that may irritate your skin, and choose creams that are natural and organic to avoid any possible allergic reactions. If you have dry skin, do not choose a cream that says it’s great for oily skin types, and so on and so forth.   KNOW WHEN YOU ARE WEARING THE CREAM

There are many anti-aging creams available for daytime wear, and many for nighttime wear. These formulas are different for a reason, and each offers benefits for your skin at a particular time of the day. When we sleep, our bodies regenerate, as does your skin. Nighttime anti-aging creams will be heavier, and have a different chemical formula than daytime creams. They will be much less effective if worn during the day, and may even cause skin issues when used incorrectly. Daytime anti-aging creams, while not a poor choice for sleeping, are best worn during the daylight hours. KNOW THAT COST DOES NOT DETERMINE QUALITY

Anti-aging creams that come with a larger price tag are not necessarily your best choice. A famous, high-end brand likely has a good product, however the fancier packaging and brand name don’t determine the ingredients. Get to know and understand the active ingredients in anti-aging creams before you choose the right one for you. Regardless of the brand name and price, the formula needs to best for your personal needs – not for marketing’s sake. KNOW YOUR INGREDIENTS

To know your anti-aging cream ingredients is to know the results you want. Retinols (sometimes Retin-A) are good for fighting wrinkles, Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) help remove dead skin cells, peptides helps boost production of collagen in the skin and moisturizers (of course) keep your skin hydrated and conditioned. If you are trying to fight fine lines, try a retinol product, if you want to exfoliate and renew your skin, look for AHA’s. These will both be included in anti-aging creams, and since there’s not always and informed employee to assist you when shopping online or in your local store, it’s important to educate yourself first. I normally get my skin care products at Macys, they have some of the best brands and they usually allow me to use a macys coupon, specially when shopping online.