We often have customers call or email us asking how best to use the Instant Facelift Serum.Over the years we have had many helpful tips from our customers regarding the best way they have found to apply Instant Facelift Serum and I have combined everything into a video you will find below.

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Often I know people receive the product, throw it on their face and say it doesn’t work. I see in some cases they have received the product a matter of an hour or 2 before they respond. The most common comments are, it leaves a white residue or it doesn’t work.

Well in our 13th year we know it works and yes it will leave a white residue if too much is applied. I explain that in the video that is linked to this email. I also explain the do’s and don’ts for using makeup after applying Instant Facelift Serum.

While results may vary from person to person when properly applied everyone will achieve a reduction in frown lines crow’s feet and facial wrinkles.

We cannot guarantee your results will be the same as Muriel but many people do achieve that.

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Please watch the video, it shows you the correct method of application.

Customers sometimes ask about moisturising as they have dry skin. Often the product they currently use is not compatible with our Erase product.

We have 2 products in our range for moisturising. The first is our Erase Skin Perfector which is essentially a primer to safeguard the skin’s moisture and secondly our new Bise Mask. You can read about them by clicking the links above.

Should you have any question please email me at: