Forehead Wrinkles

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Have you wondered why you get Forehead Wrinkles and what they mean?

When you are between 20 to 30

Instead of turning to fillers, botox and retinol think first about your lifestyle. Forehead wrinkles should not be a problem but keep a check on your environment. Once you start using injectables it can be a slippery slope in later life.
You should take care of the basics, wear sunscreen, moisturize and exfoliate weekly.

At this age, things can be stressful. You are starting out, building a career, building a relationship. You may be in a city that has pollution.
All can contribute to skin problems such as acne and wrinkles in general.

Balance your lifestyle: Work to minimize stress levels with your daily routine. Be aware of your diet, try morning meditation and be aware of your posture.
Healthy mind and body will reduce stress levels and in turn the appearance of wrinkles.

In your 30s and 40s…

Try to avoid stronger chemicals on your skin. Use a light exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can build up to cause any wrinkles to appear to be darker. Use serums containing vitamin C.

The loss of hydration will also cause forehead wrinkles to start to form. Now is the time along with your exfoliation to moisturize with a good night cream and drink plenty of water. These will help to plump the skin and reduce wrinkles.
When buying exfoliators, make sure they contain hyaluronic acid as it helps to moisturize.

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In your 40s to 50s?

Forehead wrinkles and face wrinkles will start to show. Your lifestyle may have changed. You may spend more time on planes or you have a job that keeps you busy or stressed.

You can explore skin care with lots of goodies in it. Look for products that contain vitamin C, retinol and as much natural product as is effective.
The skin at this age is less hydrated and less able to produce sebum and collagen. Your skin will be starting to thin and not bounce back into shape as it once did. You will be experiencing changes which all contribute to forehead and face wrinkles. Check your diet and see if there are changes you can make to keep your body healthy.
Consider foods high in anti-oxidants.
Make sure you use quality skin care.

In your 50s to 60s…

You will see your forehead wrinkles. If you have been looking after your skin they may not be too noticeable.
If you have forehead and face wrinkles use topical serums or creams before having a facelift.

A checklist for forehead wrinkles:

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  • Mental health. Do you have stress or depression?
  • Hygienic Skin. Do you cleanse, exfoliate, and use sunscreen?
  • Hydrated Skin. Always remember to drink water and moisturize.
  • Environment. Are you living in a dry or humid environment? Adjust your makeup and skin care routines to take this into consideration.
  • Diet and Health. Are you exercising and following a healthy diet? Make sure you get medical checkups on a regular basis.[/su_list]

Forehead wrinkles can give the appearance of being older. But if you are comfortable in yourself you don’t need to take any drastic measures. It is up to you!

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