We have customers call from time to time about our Erase Instant Facelift Cream.
Sometimes there is a little confusion as to whether it is the same product. The answer is simple.

Yes, it is!

Well, the same product that has evolved and improved over the years.

Here is a timeline:


first glass fl3 bottle

2006 we launched FL3 – 3 Minute Instant Face-lifting Gel in a 30ml glass bottle

FL3 sounded scientific and at the time was pretty revolutionary. It had a combined total of 6 ingredients in those days but was effective in reducing wrinkles instantly.


Glass 3 minute instant face-lift

In 2010 we had a team do research on branding and color and changed the name to 3 Minute Instant Face-Lift, dropping the FL3. We retained the glass bottle.

At this point, we added collagen to the product along with an emulsifier to make the product easier to apply and offer long-term benefits to the skin.

The 3 minute effect remained as it does today.


The first airless pump bottle

In 2013 we considered alternate bottles. These were with airless pumps and were to prevent issues with the product drying in the bottle and clogging the pump. in the end, we were not happy with the results and changed to a different bottle which worked well. One of the issues was that the product has a 4 year shelf life and many of our customers were only using the product for special occasions. That meant it could be up to 6 – 12 months between uses. Unless the bottle is stored in optimum conditions over that period the product may dry in the nozzle


New design 2015 3 minute instant face-lift

2015 saw the introduction of peptides and vitamin C extracts. We kept the name 3 Minute Instant Face-Lift.

However, our focus became to further enhance the long term benefits from the continued use of the product. We have many customers who have now been using the instant face-lift for almost 6 years at this point.


2017 saw the launch of the new airless serum bottle and tubular packaging. We studied packaging and decided the tube was the most robust for shipping. Plus I like the appearance. it is different and smart in my opinion.

We have been more descriptive in the name of the product and it now contains 15 ingredients including peptides and multi-peptides, retinol, collagen, and cucumber extract (vitamin C).

All through the changes and enhancements, it is still 3 Minute Instant Face-Lift cream or serum.

We endeavor to provide as much as possible information on the site www.erasecosmetics.com and on the packaging. you will find information about the ingredients and their effects here.

We at Erase are proud of our products and are continually striving to make them better for you. We are also about to enhance the range with a compatible organic, mineral makeup.