How Long Does a Surgical Facelift Last?

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To obtain an informed opinion we consulted the Mayo Clinic – one of the preeminent facilities for such operations. This is a summary of their opinion. You may research further here. Firstly, let us examine the reasons we consider a facelift. To get rid of facial lines and wrinkles and sagging skin on the neck. … Read more

Under Eye Bags


Eye Bags or bags under the eyes commonly appear as puffiness or swelling. The effects of ageing cause skin tissues and some of the muscles supporting your eyelids to weaken. This can result in the fat that normally surrounds your eyes to drop to the area under the eyes puffing up the lower eyelids. You … Read more

Humectants in Cosmetics and what are they?


Humectants are a functional ingredient for Cosmetics. When formulating cosmetics such as our Instant Facelift it is extremely important to learn about what a specific ingredient will do when incorporated into a formulation. Humectants, along with emollients are the backbones of cosmetic formulation. What are Humectants? Humectants and emollients are used for similar reasons. Both … Read more