Enhancing Your Fall Night time Routine

nighttime routine
Photo by Dominic Sansotta on Unsplash

As the air gets cooler outside, now is the perfect time to heat up your fall nighttime routine. Many factors play into how and why we get ready for bed at the end of a long day. Read below to learn a few tips that will help you get much-needed beauty sleep this fall and help you feel healthy and strong.

Take preventative matters against blue light

Whether you scroll on your phone, computer, or spend some time watching TV, most of us can admit to using some sort of technology before bed. While these kinds of digital devices can offer a great source of entertainment and a way to unwind at the end of the day, there are also some drawbacks such as the harmful blue light rays emitted by these types of screens.

The artificial blue light from these screens can have negative effects on our skin, eyes, and can cause a disruption in your body’s natural sleep schedule. In order to prevent the effects that blue light has on the skin, like cell shrinkage and pigmentation, invest in an instant mask that proactively works to rejuvenate the skin by conditioning the surface. For your eyes and sleep cycle, check out blue-light blocking glasses that will allow you to better filter out the harsh light and keep your eyes feeling fresh. These glasses work by shielding your eyes from glare and reducing overexposure from artificial light.

Revisit your anti-aging steps

Although you may be taking some proactive steps in your anti-aging skincare routine already, remember that there are special considerations as you face fall weather. Dry skin is prominent during this season and unfortunately can lead to some negative effects on our skin. The Mayo Clinic explains that plump skin cells are shriveled by dry skin, leading to wrinkles and fine lines.

There are ways to look amazing at any age, and for many, this will include a rejuvenating moisturizer as part of your nighttime checklist. This type of hydration for the face can help combat damage from the sun and helps to stimulate collagen production.

Get to bed earlier

After a long day of work and other responsibilities, you deserve to reward yourself with a good night’s sleep at the end of the day. But like many, you may not actually be getting an adequate amount of sleep at night. Most adults are recommended to get somewhere between seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Incorporating a mindful habit to set a reasonable bedtime can act as a great addition to your nighttime routine that you will surely be thankful for when the alarm goes off in the morning.

If you struggle to wind down at the end of the night, consider trying out a few mental health practices—like meditation. In fact, studies have shown that meditation before bed has many benefits including the ability to fall asleep quicker, maintain a deeper sleep throughout the night, and enhance your REM sleep state. You can begin by simply practicing meditation for five to ten minutes as a quick way to include this in your nighttime routine.

Create a relaxing space

With the many holidays and celebrations that take place during the fall, it can sometimes seem just as stressful as it is fun. In addition to taking care of yourself physically, creating a relaxing environment to decompress in at the end of the day is a crucial component of enhancing your nighttime routine this fall.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate a sense of calm into your space. Try out something like an aromatherapy candle that uses natural products to help reduce your stress levels and promote your well-being. Similarly, keeping a clean living space not only brings peace of mind but can also help keep your space sanitized and safe.

This fall, consider trying out a few of these nighttime tips to enhance the way you end each day. Taking care of yourself and prioritizing your well-being can lead you to feel strong, happy, and glowing going into the winter!