Distributor Confirmation Page

Distributor Application Page

Erase Distributors Confirmation Page.

Thank you for your application.

To confirm receipt of your application form you will shortly receive a follow up email providing you with more extensive information about the range of options available to become an Erase Cosmetics Distributor.

there are three main categories of distributorship.

  1. An affiliate or Reseller.
  2. An Area Distributor.
  3. An Exclusive Country or Regional Distributor.

Each has a different level of required commitment. However with the exception of an Affiliate we try to allow the distributors at least a 100% margin on the wholesale price.

It is our aim to enable you to make a sound and profitable business that enjoys good margins and support from us.

It will however require commitment on your part. As a distributor we expect you to be proactive in acquiring sales and promoting the brand. For that commitment we will be flexible in allowing greater discounts to help you grow further. Our discounts are volume based but for an enthusiastic distributor we will increase margins on regular order volume.