Crow’s feet around the eyes are wrinkles extending from the corner of the eye and differ from normal wrinkles in that they may look deeper and more obvious.

They are the result of UV exposure and the changing skin structure that is from aging. The loss of elasticity and collagen thins the layers of the skin, allowing wrinkles. Squinting in sunlight will start the process. A tip, always have good sunglasses when outdoors in bright sunlight.

Crows feet may start to occur as early as your mid 20’s. The reason is that the skin around the eye area is thinner and lacks oil glands.

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Aging reduces elasticity and as a result, the skin is unable to bounce back to its original state.

It is difficult to avoid crow’s feet but there are ways to reduce the depth and severity.

You can:
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  • adopt a healthy diet
  • stay hydrated
  • reduce your exposure to toxins
  • wear a hat when outdoors
  • use SPF creams
  • Wear UV-protective sunglasses that will cover the areas around your eyes


By adopting these lifestyle tips and taking care of the skin around your eyes you can reduce crows feet. It is always a good idea to make lifestyle choices to think ahead and be able to minimize the long term effects as much as possible through good management.

We recommend you use our Visage Triple Action Eye Serum to add nourishment to the skin around your eyes.

To immediately reduce the appearance of your crow’s feet use our non-surgical anti-wrinkle serum