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The tips to get the best results from Erase Serums and Creams.

We do have a page dedicated to the tips we have learned over the last 13 years.

Like any product, there is a right way and a wrong way to use it.

We do our best to ensure people achieve the best results from our products. This includes offering tips from our customers. Regularly we get calls or messages telling us how an issue has been solved. Most recently that was from a long term customer who called to say she simply removes any residue with a quick dab with a chapstick.

When we receive tips like these we immediately make them available to everyone through the tips page on our site.

Such Customer feedback and tips are very important to us. It’s very much field research, from people who use our face serum on a daily basis. Most are like the Amex ad, You wouldn’t leave home without it!

Customers like Muriel, Margaret, Catherine, and many many others apply the serum first thing often not wearing any other makeup apart from lipstick or eye shadow. They say nothing more is required.

Most also moisturize at night.

These are the types of tips we love!

As always we encourage you to send us any feedback. It is important we are aware of better ways to use our products. Of course when we create a product we have expectations of its effectiveness and the application methos=d we test. But real-live results from regular users are invaluable.