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Cucumber Extract in Skin Care:


Here at Erase Cosmetics we continually research and improve our skin care products to bring you superior long term benefits, not just a quick fix. Many of our customers use the non-surgical facelift serum and others daily so we add beneficial ingredients to the products with longer-term benefits in mind. One of these is cucumber […]

The New Bisé Instant Mask by Erase Cosmetics


What makes it so powerful? Erase Cosmetics is launching its latest product in its skincare range under the brand name Bise. Bise Instant Mask is the first of the Erase products under its brand name Bise, (meaning kissed). In anti-aging cosmetics, we strive to create products that have instant gratification. It is not always easy […]

What are the benefits of peptides?

peptide benefits

Peptides serve the body in many ways. Life wouldn’t be possible without them. Here are some of the ways that peptides impact you and help your body function: Scientists have discovered that one of the most unique ways peptides work is by providing significant anti-aging benefits. Not only do they encourage collagen production for more […]