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Our Style Archives are about feeling the best about yourself. You may do many things to enhance both your appearance and beauty from within. Create a sense of style other people admire. That is true Style!

We are talking about exercise, diet, a positive mental attitude to life.

We know things in life – what you may be going through – can show not only in your outlook but also in your physical appearance.

When we are down we look sad or grumpy. If we are not fit we struggle with the most simple tasks. As we age, walking, getting out of a chair, bending down to pick something off the floor are harder than we remember. Things we always did without a thought.

This can affect our mental age as well. Exercise does not have to be a full-on gym experience but something as simple as stretching, walking, swimming. It is better to concentrate on low impact exercise as we age.

Eating well and getting good sleep always makes us feel better and is reflected in our style and appearance. An unforced smile does wonders for you and those around you.

I am not saying any of this is easy and the last thing anybody wants is to be told to be cheerful when it is the last thing on their mind. But you know over my time I have met those with unbelievable adversity who are the most positive and cheerful people Iknow. I am sure you have too. Those people have style!