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Here you will discover our categorised enhanced Product range. You will find past and present blogs on topics explaining the benefits of the ingredients, the effectiveness of the products and why in fact they work.

We attempt to make our blogs as informative as possible, not just about our products but about the ingredients and what effects they have on your skin.

We believe cosmetics and in particular, our range of Erase Cosmetics, that firmly enhance looks give the wearer a positive experience which is far more than just an immediate effect or result. In fact, much of the benefit derives from feeling good about one’s self as a result of the use of our products.

It is this benefit the majority of our customers both appreciate and comment on most frequently.

I commented in an email to our database recently that many of our long term customers have become friends. We certainly look upon them in that way. We call if we have not spoken to them for a while, not for an order but to make sure they are ok and well. One of our customers is in her 90’s. has had a hip replacement and has had to cut her golf down to 9 holes a week. We talk about family and many things without discussing orders. It is the kind of relationship we value as a company.

Please read the blogs and we hope they will provide you with an understanding of not only our products but also the philosophy of Erase Cosmetics.