Budget-Friendly Head-to-Toe Health Tips for Parents

By: Kristin Louis

Health can be pretty pricey. Sometimes, it feels impossible to take care of yourself without putting your wallet through the wringer — especially if you have children. However, there are several simple, low-cost things you can do to improve your health every day. Here’s a look at a few of the ways you can give your body the care it deserves, presented by Erase Cosmetics.

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Focus on Dental Care

We all know we’re supposed to floss and brush every day, but many of us underestimate the impact dental care has on our health – and vice versa. Neglecting those essentials can lead to gum disease and infection that, left unaddressed, can eventually become a serious problem. Chronic dental issues are linked with system-wide health problems such as heart disease. Moreover, keeping up with daily dental health saves you money – reparative dental care is much more expensive than preventative.

However, health problems can cause you to neglect your dental health, creating a self-defeating cycle. Mood disorders in particular, such as anxiety and depression, can lead people to neglect dental health, as well as other forms of hygiene.

Fortunately getting dental health and other self-care habits back on track may have a reversing effect on mental health issues. By investing time in yourself, you train your brain to increase self-esteem, and you’ll save money on health care in the long run.


Pamper Your Skin

Our skin is our largest organ, and sometimes it needs a little extra TLC to look and feel its best. Skin issues like acne or eczema can leave us frustrated, uncomfortable, and embarrassed. Focus on small things you can do to keep your skin healthy. Lots of hydration, applying moisturizer, and the right skin care routine can go a long way.


Exercise Regularly

We’ve all heard we’re supposed to exercise every day, but actually doing it is another matter. However, making time for regular movement has a massive impact on your overall wellness. By working in thirty minutes of regular exercise a day, Mayo Clinic explains you reduce your risk of a plethora of major health issues, from circulatory to digestive problems and more. Regular exercise has even been shown to increase immune function, meaning you’re less likely to be laid low by a passing cold.

When it comes to your workout-related health products, searching for good deals online can help you find budget-friendly options. Whether it’s a bottle for your sports drink, a comfortable and supportive bra, or a supplement to fill in nutritional gaps, shopping around can make a world of difference in your financial and physical health.


Get a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most important – and most often neglected – parts of full-body health is a good night’s sleep. A solid 7-9 hours of sleep per night gives your body time to rest and rejuvenate. Every aspect of health is affected by sleep. Miss out, and you’re more likely to get sick, develop mental health issues, and, in the long run, see major physical problems.

Unfortunately, many Australian adults have trouble either staying or falling asleep. Stress, late-night eating, and excessive technology usage have all been linked to poor sleep quality and reduced daytime energy. Simple sleep hygiene steps, such as reducing screen time at night and reading before bed, can have a noticeable effect on your sleep quality. Easy stress-reduction ideas like organizing and decluttering your home can also improve your sleep. If cost-conservative measures like these don’t help, herbal sleep aids or, if necessary, prescription sleep aids can give you the rest you need.

A budget-friendly approach is the best way to move toward a healthier you. By addressing several aspects of your own wellness, you can create a ripple effect, the ramifications of which can be felt your whole life long. Seek the holistic approach that’s right for you.

Photo Credit: Pexels