A Message from the CEO

Hi there, my name is Ross Stansfield. I am the manager of Erase Cosmetics.


Over the last 6 years we have been selling our Erase 3 minute facelift flagship product and have added 3 other products as we have become more established.

Recently we have been running a survey to enable us to determine what you are really looking for in age care products.


An overwhelming 98% of you told us you prefer natural skin products. We have taken that on board. The trick is to find a set of natural ingredients that will produce the same instant gratification, (not an easy task).

I have however, been searching for high quality natural ingredients and have sourced several that we are having developed under our brand. These originate in Switzerland. France, Germany and Australia, and will be added to the existing range from our USA manufacturers.

We are currently trialling these products and are very encouraged by the results.


This blog is not just about us. In it we will gather articles from the industry on trends, new products and innovations not only with anti-aging but with skin products and skin care in general. We will discuss various cosmetic ingredients and procedures to give you unbiased facts to allow you to make your own choices and offer opinions also.


We also value your contributions and comments. If you have anything you would like us to find out about for you please ask and we will do our best to research your question for you.






  1. Does the 3 minute instant face-lift eventually decrease your wrinkles over time or is it just temporary?

    • Our skin has a degree memory, and we’ve all heard of gravity taking its affect. By tightening the skin and “Freezing” your facial skin for a period of time in its more youthful position, it may have a tendency to remain

  2. Hi Love the product < But when I put on Foundation it goes away, What do you do?????
    Have to have it got to cover and make things look more even and need the color.
    So what do we need to do to keep the look of no wrinkles.

    • Hi Thank you for sending us message. You can use a mineral makeup for the foundation, We are on the process of developing the best mineral makeup to use with erase instant facelift serum. please keep on visiting our website or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

  3. No one has addressed the question of how long does it last after the 3 minutes. all day? 8 hour? several days? or what? Please answer, How long does the effect last before it goes away and another application has to be applied?

    • The effect can last 6-8 hours, But you can feel free to re-apply whenever you feel you need a boost. Repeated use will not harm your skin. In fact it will help retain its “new” position (it’s not really “new” – it’s the position it was in years ago).

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