Thinking about having a facelift?

thinking about having a facelift

Are you concerned about the invasive fillers and Botox and the uncertain outcome? We are delighted to tell you about a safe, non-surgical facelift alternative. This wrinkle smoothing, skin tightening cream is literally a facelift in a bottle. Compared to a surgical facelift this facelift has instant results and is non-invasive. This instant facelift cream […]



Lipstick: Why am I beginning with the last to be applied element in the makeup routine? I believe lipstick may be the fastest and most effective instant facelift for any woman’s face. Within moments the simple application of lip color can have myriad positive physical and psychological effects, from eliciting a happy and approving smile […]

Never Too Old to Look After Your Skin and Body


Contrary to what most beauty products claim, women, particularly those over 60, are more concerned with the signs of aging and striving to achieve young-looking skin. In fact, facial skin-care products have grown into a $20 billion industry worldwide selling products lines with moisturizers, skin plumping, sun protection, and more – all created to prevent […]

The Dangers Of Sunburn And How To Treat It Correctly


Did you know that spending time outside can cause you to get sunburnt in just 15 minutes? That’s because Australia has some of the highest UV levels in the world. Sunburn can make your skin swell, itch, feel sore, become red or purple, and form blisters. What You Didn’t Know About Sunburn Sunburn might be annoying, but […]

A Closer Look at Skincare Through the Decades


For thousands of years, women have been using cosmetics such as creams, powders, and scrubs to keep their skin looking clean and healthy. As far back as the ancient Egyptians, we see evidence of elaborate skin care routines designed to keep women looking their best as they age, but cosmetics back then weren’t always made of the […]

How Intermittent Fasting Can Make Your Skin Radiant


Glowing, healthy, radiant skin. We all want it, and are willing to do pretty much anything (well, almost anything) to get it. While a huge aspect of healthy skin is of course topical treatments such as cleansers, serums, creams and moisturisers, diet and lifestyle also play integral roles. Intermittent fasting, an eating pattern that shortens our […]