Becoming a Licensed Distributor.

We are seeking enthusiastic people looking to Becoming a Licensed Distributor or Reseller of our Instant facelift serum and cream.
Becoming a Licensed Distributor

Becoming a Lincensed Distributor or Reseller for our range of wrinkle serums and creams has a range of options you can choose.

  1.  You can become a reseller of the range of products.
  2. The next step is to become a non-exclusive distributor.
  3. The final stage is to purchase Exclusive Distribution rights for a City, State or Country.

The degree of commitment will vary with each level.

Becoming a Licensed Distributor is not a difficult process but it does require commitment and enthusiasm on your part.

What ever level you choose to engage we will assist you with volume based wholesale pricing.

We will also assist with publishing your website and producing artwork specific to your requirements.

When you become a Licensed Distributor with Erase Cosmetics, you will have the ability to generate a level of income that suits you.

There is also an opportunity to develop your own brand.

If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the opportunity further.