As We Age


With maturity comes inevitable changes to our body shape.

We experience loss of muscle tone, skin tone, skin elasticity, and smoothness.

Some of our major visible changes occur most noticeably on our faces.

Facial lines or wrinkles occur as we age and lose skin elasticity as a result of these changes to our body.

Other factors in conjunction with aging can be responsible for lined skin, sun damage and ill health among them.

Some experience deep frown lines, some finer forehead lines, sagging brow lines, under eye lines in the eye trough or a half starburst of fine lines, also known as crows feet, around the outer edges of eyes.

Most noticeable are the naso-labial folds located on either side of our nose down to the corners of our mo formed by losing skin elasticity and muscle tone.

Sagging skin also results in lip colour bleeding into the fine lines formed around the lips – and lip lines appearing less defined.

Even our jaw line becomes less firm with age.

Loose skin can be very evident of ageing in the neck area where crepe like wrinkling occurs.

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