Amazing Ways to Treat Your Skin Gently-An Erase Cosmetic Guide

Skincare is essential, no matter what your skin type is. Our skin is susceptible especially when it comes around our face, neck, hand and feet area and we do take care of our skin but neglect our other body parts resulting in our skin getting damaged tough and it ends up looking saggy. The need for aesthetic services may arise in the future once we see how neglectful we have been with our skincare. Sometimes not only these reasons but there are other reasons as well. Due to which are skin turns dull and all starts with mental health. If we are positive inside and doing well mentally, eventually our both physical and mental health will flourish, but if we are not doing well from inside anything could help us. Many people all around the globe are facing many types of mental health issues such as depression, stress and anxiety which makes them gulp in tons of harsh medicines such as stress and depression controlling pills including ADD medicine and many other.

Due to gulping ADD medicines and other medicines such as Celexa, Lexapro, etc. will eventually work out for depression. Still, the side effects which we have to face are a dull and saggy face and an unhealthy body.

Our skin needs special care like regular acne facial treatments so we don’t face blackheads and whiteheads or have fine lines or acne on our skin due to medications or there I have a bunch of ideas how can we treat our skin gently and how can we flaunt our flawless skin and give a significant throwback on to the face of depression and the world.

Well, the necessary skincare steps we know are understanding what your skin is and what products will work for our skin and what are products we should avoid for our skin. If we know these basics skincare, it is no big deal at all and also if we follow them accordingly and how they are told to be used on our skin .we can get our desired results in a month or two.

We have to start by gentle, mild cleanser which suits our skin type and use it twice a day in morning and night. After that, we can follow it up by toners and serums according to the preferences of our skin and follow our skincare routine with good hydrating moisturizers and SPF because without these two we won’t be able to make it towards our desired results.

Other than that we can follow up our skincare with suitable facemasks once or twice a week, and along with that we have to remove the dead and dry skin or our face which be wiped off with exfoliation easily.

Following other steps, we can have hot showers at night which will help relieve stress and inflammation in our muscles and give us relaxation and soothing effects at night as hot baths at night are one of the best stress relievers. Other than that, we can improve our lifestyle by changing our diets. Our sleeping patterns and following up a proper timetable we have set for ourselves. In which we can easily have approximately 10 minutes for our self, and we can do anything like reading, dancing or painting. We can do any creative activity which will give us peace mentally.


Now having good skincare and lifestyle means we have to be a picky person when it comes to makeup and other stuff. Because not every other product will suit our skin tone and the type and in according to that preference we have to buy only those products which we require and not get hands-on every cosmetic brand such as we can have an excellent primer to prime and even out makeup base. After that, we need a good coverage foundation which will suit ours skin types, and color .you can check your perfect tone out with testing a small amount of foundation on the back of your arm or your neck and dab it down properly. Because these two places skin color is very much near to the skin color you have on your skin so if you have got the right shade exactly on near to your skin color you can get your hands on that foundation. After that, you can have a concealer to conceal out your brown spots and your dark circles to the tone it suits your skin and is suitable for your skin type. These essential makeup hacks can help you out on choosing the right shade for your skin so your face won’t look cakey and over. You can fix out your makeup using a good setting powder, so your makeup stays fix and doesn’t run down every other hour. Completing it with contouring or bronzing, blush and highlight your makeup is complete. For your eyes, you can have the same concealer and get any look you want from your favorite pallets completing your eyebrows.