All-Natural vs. Gluten Free-Makeup—Which to Choose?


With new makeup trends and health hacks surfacing every day, how do we navigate through this crazy world of beauty information? Currently, the major topic of conversation is the famous gluten-free craze, a practice that has become bigger than the calorie-free sweetener.  Everything has become gluten-free, from restaurant menus to clothing. It seems like everyone’s been swearing by the religion of sans gluten. But now the gluten-free trend has made its mark on the cosmetics industry. So, why does this matter and how is this different from all-natural makeup?

Is gluten-free makeup better than all-natural?

Both gluten-free makeup and all-natural makeup are amazingly healthy in their own ways. All-natural makeup is made from earth-derived ingredients that are safe and non-toxic. Gluten-free makeup, on the other hand, is not always natural, but made without the dreaded grain-based substance (gluten), a constituent of wheat. Many people have allergies or sensitivities to gluten, and should avoid it at all costs.

Is gluten dangerous for the Skin?

According to most specialists, gluten allergies are a diet issue, but occasionally, it can also be a skin exposure issue. Yikes! This means that depending on the seriousness of your gluten sensitivity, you can have a reaction just by coming into contact with it.  For these people, it’s safer to use gluten-free makeup products.

This is why many people avoid cosmetics that contain gluten instead of concerning themselves with all-natural makeup. Gluten can enter your body in different ways through products. For instance, your favorite chapstick (made with gluten) can be transferred onto your fingers, touching everything you eat.  Your eye shadow can flake l into your eyes and or enter your mouth.

In the grimmest cases, people with gluten allergies can experience awful reactions from ingesting even small trace amounts! So, if you accidentally swallow a hint of your yummy chapstick, you can experience intestinal damage. The dangers are even more severe if this exposure is repeated over a long period of time….a scary fact!

What if I Don’t Have a Gluten Allergy?

So what about the rest of you non gluten-fearing folk? Should we all buy into the gluten-free bandwagon? Well, if you’re a die-hard foodie who can gobble down pasta by the pound, you probably don’t need to give this topic a moment’s though. However, with the increasing number of people who are becoming more health-conscious, it’s not such a terrible idea to take an interest in this issue. Besides, how often do you really consider what types of ingredients go into your favorite products?

Think about the amount of junk you slather onto your face and body each day— it really doesn’t hurt to go for a few product options that are more health-friendly. So, even if you’re not gluten-sensitive, you can still try this trend as a way to be kinder to yourself.

Additionally, many experts agree that gluten-free cosmetics are great as a preventative measure. Since everyone is at risk of developing gluten allergies at some point in their lives, using gluten-free makeup can keep symptoms at bay.

Bottom line here is that gluten-free makeup is certainly a safe option. Yet, if your concerns lie with organic living, then you can stick with all-natural makeup.