A Better and Healthy Skin That You Can Achieve at Home: Dos and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’t s for a Better and Healthy Skin you can Achieve at Home.

A Better and Healthy Skin you can Achieve at Home:

If one of your goals for this year is to get happier, healthier skin, you’re not alone. There’s been a paradigm shift toward prioritizing skincare, especially as the world moves toward more Eco-friendly practices. 

The core components of improving your skin are healing from the inside and combating external forces. Here are the dos and don’t s for better skin that you can achieve at home.

Don’t: Pick at Your Face

Blemishes are a natural occurrence, even to those with great skincare routines. While these spots can be unsightly and irritating, it’s vital that you leave them be. Picking at your face can cause further irritation through the introduction of bacteria from your hands or tools, as well as permanent scarring.

Instead, stock up on acne patches, such as the ZitSticka, to treat your bumps and blemishes while you sleep without causing further damage.

Do: Follow a Skincare Routine

When it comes to having happy, beautiful skin, following a skincare routine is a must. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate regimen with 28 bottles that costs thousands of dollars that celebrities use either. Start with a high-quality cleanser, toner, exfoliant, and moisturizer and focus on getting into a habit.

Once you learn more about your skin, consider adding a deep nourishing or clay mask once per week. Experiment to see what your skin likes and doesn’t, being mindful of hormonal fluctuations that have an impact.

Don’t: Eat Sugary, Processed Foods Often

You’ll probably read that eating sugar and carbohydrates is the devil when it comes to healthy skin. What’s often left out is an important distinction. Fresh fruit and whole grains in proper portions are not contributing to the issue. It’s the highly processed sugars and carbohydrates that lead to inflammation.

Swap out your white pasta and refined carbs for smart alternatives, like quinoa, sweet potatoes, and squash. Get your sugar from fresh anti-oxidant filled berries and vitamin-C rich citrus fruits. Try to stay away from sugary drinks, such as soda or fancy beverages from Starbucks.

Do: Eat Skin-Friendly Foods

In addition to the alternate foods listed above, there are specific things you can eat to promote healthier skin at home. Eat plenty of collagen rich foods, such as bone broth, leafy greens, and lean protein.

While eating a well-balanced and varied diet is the best way to get what you need for healthy skin, supplementation can help fill the gaps. Look for collagen, vitamins C, E, D, and A, and minerals like zinc. Don’t hesitate to have a blood panel done to highlight any deficiencies.

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Don’t: Skip the Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen every day, even if you plan on being inside most of the day. Try to buy makeup that has an SPF or put face-friendly sunscreen under your foundation. 

The sun is by far the most damaging external factor affecting your skin’s health. Many people underestimate their sun exposure. Even sitting by a window all day at the office or driving to and from work exposes your skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

Also, it goes without saying, swap out your tanning sessions with a body-friendly spray tan.

Do: Drink Lots of Water

To get supple, elastic skin, you need to drink enough water. Remember, your body is 60% water. Thus, your cells need to be rehydrated to do their jobs well.

If drinking water is a challenge, treat yourself to a motivating water bottle that helps you track your consumption. There are also apps that can remind you when you should be hydrating. If you’re transitioning to water from coffee, soda, juice, etc., feel free to add infused fruit or mint to add some flavor.

Healthy, beautiful skin starts at home. Start adding these simple steps to your daily routine, and you’ll see tremendous results within a few weeks. 

These are the basics for a Better and Healthy Skin you can Achieve at Home.